Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unique Knick Knack

Went to get groceries... picked the kids up from school.... told the kids to take Lil Rose out for her afternoon potty break.... unloaded groceries.
As usual, I was walking through the house a mile a minute, when I passed by the curio in our living room. I stopped... looked at the curio... tilted by head... hmm... something doesn't seem right... shook my head and took another gander.
Uh... yeah... something definitely is NOT right.

I burst into laughter once I realize...

Lil Rose is sitting perfectly still on a glass shelf inside our curio!

Apparently, Serenity thought she was sooo cute that she needed to be on display. She told her to "sit there and be pretty." The little dog didn't argue a bit. She just sat there quietly and watched all the commotion. lol Poor Lil Rose!

I do have to admit though... I totally agree with Serenity.... I have seen very few knick knacks that could even compare with that little dog's cuteness! :)


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