Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet Lil Rose

We have a new beagle puppy. Noah named her Lil Rose.
The kids absolutely LOVE her. I have to admit she IS very cute.

Serenity likes to pretend she's her very own little baby.
"I'm your Mommy"

"You're my baby."
lol Poor Lil Rose

Eli, on the other hand is a very good Daddy.
See how he knows to support the bottom half. :)

While playing house... Serenity says...
"Eli you're the Daddy and I'm the Mommy, Okay?'
Eli agrees..."Okay."
Then immediately Serenity hands the puppy to Eli and replies...
"Now get her out! I don't like dirty dogs in my house!"
Eli argues... "But her is just a little dirty dog."
lol Kind of gives you a bird's eye view into our home life...doesn't it?
Kids are so funny!

Cute Aren't they?
Uh... yeah... Serenity is... well... just Serenity. :)