Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reflection of Love

Serenity loves to sit on my lap and gaze into my eyes...
"Mommy, I can see me in YOUR eyes!"
She will bat her eyes, tilt her head and smile. She thinks she looks so pretty in the reflection in my eyes.

When I see her, I look at her with love. I see my perfect, beautiful little baby girl. I look past her ornery behavior. I see past her smart little mouth. The love of a mother looks past all wrong doings and just sees her beautiful, blameless child.

The love of a mother is only a taste of what our Heavenly Father feels. When we become a child of God, Jesus sees us through eyes of love. He doesn't see our mistakes. He sees us covered in His blood... spotless, purified and blameless. He sees us worthy of even the greatest blessings!

The enemy loves to tell us we don't deserve God's blessings. He knows we will easily believe his shenanigans because truth is... we don't deserve them. That's the reason Jesus came to die for us... but now oh now... through the blood of Jesus we are joint heirs to ALL His Kingdom. By His LOVE we become sons and daughters of the almighty King!

When we look into the mirror, the enemy makes it easy for us to see all our flaws.. all of our imperfections. But if we could just strive to see... if we could just draw close enough to Jesus... if we could just reach up and sit on His lap... If we could just gaze into HIS eyes and see our reflection in HIM....oh how beautiful we would appear and how worthy we would feel!

For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight. In love He predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will -- to the praise of His glorious grace, which He has freely given us in the One He loves. ~ Ephesians 1:4-6

"Jesus, I want to see Me in Your eyes!"