Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Serenity's Meatloaf Surprise

Serenity LOVES to help me make dinner. She LOVES to help me do anything that makes her feel like a big girl, because she genuinely believes she IS a big girl! So when it comes time to cook she will scoot her little stool over to the counter and "help" me. The trouble is... she thinks she can do it BETTER than Mommy. On occasions she's been known to add extra pepper, salt, sugar, or garlic while I'm not looking. But even after all my experience with her mischief, nothing could have prepared me for what I found last night.

I removed my glass baking dish from the cabinet, rinsed any dust particles off and dried it. Then I set it on the counter next to Serenity. I turned around, grabbed some non-stick aluminum foil and covered the bottom of the dish. With Serenity by my side, I finished mushing the ingredients of my meatloaf together. She helped me put the loaf into the pan on top of the aluminum foil. Finally, we placed the pan in the oven. Once finished, we all ate. It was delicious. After dinner, I went back into the kitchen to start the clean up process. I carefully removed the used foil and to my surprise found...

A melted orange crayon!

Yes folks... I baked an orange crayon at 400 degrees for an hour under the foil that contain the meatloaf my entire family consumed! I'm at a complete loss as to WHEN that special ingredient was added to our meal. Although I'm seemingly certain I can guess the WHO! Now I'm not saying I blame any little ornery toddler in particular. I mean I have no solid proof that any one person is responsible. But... let's just say, I will have extra eyes on one certain little girl the next time she decides to "help" me in the kitchen! :)

All I can say is... It's a good thing crayons aren't toxic! :)