Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet Lemar...

He's the newest addition to our family! I know what you're thinking. Why would anyone name a DOG.. LEMAR? Well.. I asked the same question and I honestly don't know! Lemar already had his name when we got him. Fortunately, it's starting to grow on me and I couldn't imagine him being named anything else. :)

Lemar's story is a nice one. My husband Tom is really into rabbit hunting. Not sure why, he very seldom actually kills a rabbit. But for some odd reason, he LOVES running the dogs and TRYING to catch those " Waskley Wabbits!" Men.. Go Figure!

Anyway... we use to have THREE beagles... two puppies (that eventually grew up) and one older female. The older female was a previous rabbit hunting champion. She won her previous owner LOTS of cold hard cash. We bought her after she retired in the hopes of training the other puppies. She died before she had the chance. So.. time past and the puppies grew into adult dogs.. that NEVER learned how to hunt. This disappointed my rabbit hunting husband. This Christmas he decided he wanted ANOTHER dog. This disappointed the WIFE of my rabbit hunting husband. :) I definitely did NOT want ANOTHER dog. It was hard enough keeping up with the ones we had... plus I wasn't willing to part with the money to fund another dog purchase. So... After MUCH debate, we finally came to a compromise. We agreed, he would sell the other two and then use that money to buy another puppy.

My husband has a BIG heart, especially when it comes to befriending strangers. He's soft and I love him for it. He ended up GIVING both dogs away, which left him without the funds for another one. Sad... I know. Well, my husband is also a VERY outgoing loud mouth. :) He's never actually met a stranger. He can talk to ANYONE as if he's known them his entire life. With or without a dog, he wanted to be right in the middle of the rabbit hunting world. So what does he do? He just starts calling places trying to find names and numbers of people who run beagles. After awhile, he comes across this man who agrees to allow him to come along on some of his runs.

After only a couple of conversations, they become the best of friends. Almost immediately, the man just offers, out of the blue to GIVE us one of his puppies AND borrow another one to train him. Lemar has been out only a few times and is already out hunting two well known rabbit hunting champions. lol What does Luke 6:38 say? Oh yes... "Give, and it shall be given unto you!" :)

Lemar has become one of the family.
The kids absolutely LOVE him.
Especially Serenity and Eli...

I just wish I could say the same about Lemar! :) He's not quite sure how to take all of us just yet. I can hear his little mind wheels turning right now....

"Who are YOU and WHY are you touching my leg?"

"Oh Please...
when I open my eyes... Please let them be gone...
Oh PLEASE... let them be GONE!"

"NOPE! They're STILL here!"

"Hey! Wait a minute... What's this?"
"Alright... this is kind of nice"

"OKay... Maybe... JUST MAYBE...."

"Maybe.. they COULD grow on me!"



Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

I laughed so hard at this post! We had a beagle growing up and we have another beagle now...they're cute (but stubborn!!)

The name Lemar cracks me up :)

Kara Grace said...

so beautiful...every time I look at Reni's sweet smile I can't help but think how GOOD God is!!!!!! xo