Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learning, Growing, Watching

I LOVE my children!! I enjoy being around each and every one of them. For they each have completely different personalities and that just amazes me! I Love them at all ages, but they all have gone through a phase where I have especially enjoyed them. It's right at the age, when they are really developing their personalities. The age that they are learning and watching everything we do. Serenity is at that age right now!

I LOVE the way she giggles. I love the way she tries to pronounce big words but gets them twisted. I love the way she pushes buckets, step ladders, chairs, boxes, whatever she can find, around the house just so she can reach things she's NOT supposed to reach. I even love the way she gives everyone attitude. She's going to be such a strong independent woman, and that trait shines through, even as a toddler. I love all these things that make her who she is, but most importantly, I LOVE the spiritual side of her.

I Love the way, Serenity is always quick to pray... before meals... every time she gets a small boo boo... when she sees someone else hurt. She LOVES to ask Jesus for things!

I Love the way she jumps at the chance to praise and worship our Lord! Earlier she was going around singing a little song and making it up as she went... "Alleluia... Alleluia... Tank you for being my God... Alleluia... I Loved my God... tank you oh tank you!" That just THRILLS me!

I love the way she thanks Jesus for everything. Whenever she gets her way she always says with much enthusiasm ... "Oh Tank You Jesus! Praise da Lord!" Each time it warms my heart!

I Love the way she takes her authority over all things and declares whatever she wants "In the name of Jesus" A couple of nights ago, Serenity was watching me make supper and she said... "Mmm... Mmm...Mom that looks Delicious! I'm going to eat it all gone gone... In the name of Jesus!"

I Love the way she's learning and growing spiritually! I Love the way she's becoming the person God has created her to be and most of all...

I LOVE the fact that she's learning from ME!!

"Train a child in the way he should go
And when he is old he will not depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6