Monday, January 11, 2010

Fightin' Reni

Remember when I said..."God puts a special fight in those who He knows will need it for survival. Now that fight doesn't just go away once their well.. Oh No... it gets stronger with age!" I've said it dozens of times!

Well.. just in case your having a hard time taking my word for it. I thought I would supply you with some proof!You see... usually everyone knows better than to mess with Serenity. From the time she was old enough to bite, hit, pitch or defend herself at all, they've learned the hard way to just leave her alone! She's a fiesty little booger!

Well...Gracee had a slight relapse in memory and made a HUGE boo boo..

Yep... She TRIED to play with one of Serenity's toys,
She didn't get far!

Even though Serenity can DEFINITELY hold her own... Eli just had to join in. He's very quick to defend Serenity, even when she's in the wrong! That's actually his hand yanking Gracee's hair out! Ouch!

Don't worry Folks! Gracee wasn't hurt. As a matter of fact she's actually having fun and she ended up getting to play with Reni's toy after all. Meanwhile...Serenity and Elijah had to spend some much needed time in the naughty chair... a place where Serenity is becoming more and more familar with every day!

It's so hard to believe that this fiesty little toddler once had to fight for her life. Now she's fighting her seven year old sister... AND WINNING! Even though I don't approve of her behavior some times... It's actually moments like these that remind me just how blessed I really am! :)

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen." Ephesians 3:20

Praise God From whom all blessings flow!


Kelli said...

I love it! God bless!!!