Monday, December 14, 2009

Does Prayer really work?

ABSOLUTELY!! No matter how many times I witness the power of prayer... it never ceases to amaze me. Our God is so very AWESOME! Nothing is impossible for Him! Last night served as another reminder of just how powerful prayer really is!!

Recently Serenity came down with a cold. She soon developed asthma like symptoms due to this cold. I have been giving her breathing treatments every few hours to help with these symptoms. Well... I had just finished giving her one and for the first time... it did NOT help at all. As a matter of fact, she continued to get worse. I knew that I needed to wait at least a couple of hours before giving her another one, but her wheezing was growing louder and louder. It was so bad that you could hear her breathing clear across the room. I really started to worry. So what do I do when I worry? I pray of course. I snuggled up beside her in bed and laid my hands on her chest. I began to offer praises to our Lord and welcomed the Holy Spirit into the situation. Then I started speaking life and health into her body. I prayed that God would open up those airways so she could breathe freely. Well.. about 15 minutes into my prayers, I felt like God was leading me to blow on her. May sound strange.. but I was obedient to my instinct and I very lightly blew on her face. Then I said... "Not my breath Lord but your breath" and I blew again. Serenity.. immediately.. no joke... IMMEDIATELY... took one quick very deep breath and then... silence. The wheezing just stopped. I felt her chest and her breathes were now coming regular and without strain. She slept peacefully through the entire night with NO wheezing! She woke up this morning with NO wheezing. I have not had to give her another breathing treatment since. Now tell me...


Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Zhu Zhu Blessing!

So what is the hottest Christmas toy this year?
Why a Zhu Zhu pet of course!

A tiny little mechanical hamster is all the rage. Seems a little silly, but yet the hot Christmas items usually do. Serenity is just at the perfect age this year to be intrigued with a $10 hamster. So like most loving parents of toddlers, we set out to find her one. Can you guess how that worked out? I bet you can! We called lots of different stores in our area, studied their delivery schedules and traveled a few times, trying to run one down. Each time we would just miss them. The clerks would tell us that the cuddling creatures never even made it to the shelves. Crazy... I know! We looked online. All the stores were sold out and the few on ebay were going for 40 and 50 bucks... uh... not an option for a $10 toy in my book. I am not the kind of person to push, shove, or nearly kill someone just to get a toy on black Friday. So I decided just to leave it in God's hands. I've been praying God's favor on our family and left it at that. If it was meant for us to have one, then God would put us in the right place at the right time.

Well... this weekend Tommy's Dad, Tom Sr. and his wife Sue were out shopping at a nearby toy store. Tom Sr. is a brutal diebetic and often has to deal with insulin reactions. (We are working on him about believing for his complete healing) In the middle of their shopping trip, his blood sugar dropped and he nearly passed out. The store's manager, who is also a diebetic, rushed over with some candy. They talked for awhile, swapping stories. She was very understanding and sympathetic. She found favor with Tom because she knew exactly how he felt. Tom Sr. thanked her for being so nice. Then she handed them a card and said...
"If there is ever anything I can do for you just let me know." Grandma Sue immediately spoke up with... "Well I don't suppose you could call and let us know when you get another shipment of Zhu Zhu pets in? Our granddaughter wants one for Christmas."
The nice lady just smiled and replied...
"I can do you one even better than that" Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small coupon. "Just give this to the cashier when you check out." Sure enough... Sue handed the clerk the coupon and in return she handed Sue one cuddly little rodent. So now Serenity will get her Zhu Zhu pet on Christmas day! How awesome is that? Just as God promises us in Romans 8:28. He turned a situation that the enemy meant for Tom Sr.'s harm and turned it into a blessing for our little Reni! Isn't it amazing how we can trust God with even the smallest things and He always comes through! Even if it is for... a small mechanical $10 rodent! :)