Thursday, October 15, 2009

Storytime with Serenity

Serenity sat in the kitchen watching me cook and suddenly decided it was story time.

"Onced upon dat time, there was a little girl named My Mommy! Her had a little baby girl named Reni Rosed. Her was putted in da hospital cause her had a broked heart... BUT den Jesus fixed it... YAY Jesus! Tank you Jesus, Praise da Lord! Jesus loves us!
"Jesus love me... Jesus love me... this I owe."
See He is
(flexes muscles) STRONG! But Jesus died on dat cross (turns up bottom lip and looks down) They put a sharp knife (or nail) in his hand and made the blood comed out. He died cause he loves us..."Jesus love me.. Jesus love me.. this I owe. Cause this song tells me so"
(Her little mind starts to wander) Umm...Sometimes the rain wakes me up at night.
It rains REAL hard and the sky goes BOOM! And Daddy snores REAL hard like this...
(makes snorting noises with her nose) Den Mommy say.. "Waked UP Daddy Your snoring!"
(Her mind starts to wander again) Jesus died on dat cross and fixed my broked heart. Umm...My Daddy snores REAL loud. Den there was umm... umm... ummm... (starts to hold herself and sway left to right) Den...umm.. there was a big... umm...(starts to bounce up and down) I GOTS to goed peed! (takes off running toward the bathroom and yells over her shoulder)
De End!

Isn't it amazing how a toddler's mind works! :)