Friday, October 16, 2009

Even Stars have their Bad Days...

Here is just a little reminder that even stars have their bad days. Take Hannah Montana for instance. In the spotlight she looks nearly perfect. Skin all glistening with glitter, makeup precisely applied, not one hair outta place. But... she's not always perfect... no sometimes even Hannah Montana has a bad hair day. Especially after living a year at our house....

Yep... she's not so perfect now. Makes me feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one who has trouble looking nice in this house... not even a Superstar can take the toll of five young kids! :)

However, Hannah Montana is a bit more upset then usual. Today, She would like me to make a special announcement on her behalf.

Attention ALL Children's Church Workers!

It is never a GOOD idea to give Serenity bubble gum and even more so... it is always a REALLY BAD idea to give Serenity enough bubble gum to share with the rest of her siblings!

Poor Hannah Montana... She has just been distraught about it for days....

So PLEASE NO bubble gum for Serenity.
You never know whose life might be affected by it!
Thank you for your cooperation! :)

Love in Christ,