Sunday, July 12, 2009

Toddler Talk: Cops and Robbers

Eli asks... "Reni.. you wanna play bad boys?"

Reni nods with enthusiasm.

"K.. run and I'll getchu."

Serenity takes off running and Eli begins to follow... singing as he goes

"Bad Boys.. Bad Boys.. watchu do.. watchu do when I comes for u.. bad boys.. bad Boys.. watchu do... watchu do... when I comes for u?"

Eli catches Reni in a corner.

"Bad guy.. you wanna mess with me?"

Reni vigorously shakes her head... "No!"

Frustrated Eli throws down his guard and confronts Serenity.

"Rennni.... Your POST to say YES! I can't getchu if you say NO."

"Oh... K."

"Now Bad Guy... you wanna mess with me?"

Again Serenity shakes her head... "NO!"

"RENNNNI... I toad you... YOU HAVE TO SAY YES! You want to mess with me or NOT?"


"Why not?"

"Mommy said... NO make a mess."

Can't argue with that!

Looks like Eli's gonna have to find himself a new bad guy. This one has decided to start listening to her Mommy. :)


Tessa said...

has he been watchin cops on tv...he is gonna end up bein like his uncle mikey and be addicted to cops lol or just become one lol!