Saturday, July 25, 2009

A NOT SO Clean Shave

In our house there is NEVER a dull moment and rarely a quiet one. Kids are constantly fighting, screaming, jumping, pushing, laughing, giggling, sighing, moaning, complaining, tattling, singing... well, you get the picture! It's noisy in our house! However, on a few occasions, the toddlers will REALLY focus their attention on something...In these rare moments, there is silence.

So fair warning: If you come for a visit and our house is quiet...


I didn't happen to see my husband before he left for work,
but I'm guessing he left in a rush with a nice clean shave.
Eli and Reni however, we're in no HURRY!
They took their sweet little time while taking care of his shaving cream.

Yes.. They definitely remembered to put it up!

Up on their face.... Up on the WALLS... UP EVERYWHERE!

Gillette may be the BEST a MAN can get...

But as a mom I can honestly say I've had BETTER moments! :)