Thursday, July 16, 2009

Meet Boxer the Turtle

Isn't he cute? I found Boxer by chance one day. I nearly tripped over him on the sidewalk next to my parents house. As I stared at this lonely creature I began to recall the dozens of times I refused to pull the car over when one of my children would spot one stranded along the roadside.

Hmm.. what a great surprise... I thought.

So I snagged him. The kids immediately feel in love.

For several days they played with him and cared for him. I was very proud of how responsible they were proving to be. Then a few days ago, Noah surprised me with an odd question...

"Mom did you know turtles LOVE marshmallows?"

"Oh No... Noah tell me you aren't feeding him marshmallows!"

"Uh... yeah! He's already ate a few large ones. Why?"

I sat down and had a long talk with the kids about why marshmallows are not the best food for turtles. However, despite my efforts, I still noticed marshmallows were suspiciously disappearing.

Anyway, a few days passed and Daddy began to worry that Boxer may not be the happiest turtle cooped up in a tiny little box. He needs grass, fresh air and bugs. And even more importantly, he needs to be TODDLER free. So Daddy suggested the kids let him go. Oh.. they were very disappointed, but eventually understood that it would probably be for the best.

They placed him on the drive way and said their farewells.

"Good -bye Boxer! We will miss you! Farewell dear friend! So long! Remember... we'll always love you."

Boxer slowly crawled away. The kids sat and sadly watched as he crossed the barren street. It took him only a matter of moments to reach the other side. Soon he would be gone for good.

But wait... what's this?

Boxer suddenly pauses. He turns around. He quickly (as quickly as a turtle can move) begins crawling back. The kids begin to cheer.

"He came back. He came back because he LOVES us."

Boxer stops at their feet and waits for them to pick him up. Oh... freedom was so close. Yet he gave it all away. Gave it away... For what? Love? Love for a tiny little box and toddlers who LOVE to shake his whole world... I don't think so!

No.. there could only be one reason he would trade in his freedom. Boxer the Turtle is.... is.... is.... addicted to marshmallows. Yep! He has a marshmallow dependency and knows that our house is the only place that can supply his shameful habit. There just isn't any other reasonable answer. Poor Boxer... imprisoned by his love for gooey puffed treats.

We brought Boxer home and placed him back in his tiny little box. We were determined to help him kick his nasty habit. So over the next couple of days, I made SURE he was marshmallow free. Then this evening we set him free again. This time he RAN! He RAN as fast as his little legs could carry him. He never even looked back.

Okay.. Okay... so maybe I'm being a little goofy! Maybe he wasn't exactly addicted to marshmallows. But oddly enough he DID love them and he did come back the first time and when we took away the marshmallows, he did finally leave. So you draw your own conclusions. :)

Farewell Boxer! You will be missed!
We hope you find happiness in someone else's pantry. :)



Tessa said...

that is hilarious....the other day i read that first part that you put on facebook and me and michael laughed neighbors got a box turtle and they put there in a chicken wire cage they keep out side and have had it for months. i am starting to feel bad for my little turtle. the lady at the pet store on monday said that i can fill the fish tank all the way up and put fake lilly pads in there and he will swim around and also climb up on the lilly pad..well that thing has yet to do it that i have seen..michael thinks i am going to drown it. lol
much love

Anonymous said...

I use to see more than one at my uncle's farm. So he decided we needed to see if the same turtles came back each weekend to see me. So we took finger nail polish ( red and pink ) and painted small letters on their shells. Sure enough, each weekend that summer, we would see one of them or all three, and I would know which was which. It was neat to know who was who, and the polish stayed into the next season. Such a wonderful child hood memory for me... so glad you have this with your children.

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

We had a box turtle when I was growing up and we named it Yertel the Turtle (like the Dr. Seuss character). We only kept him for a few days, but he didn't have a fondness for marshmallows like Boxer did :-)