Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Post of Many Topics

Oh so much to talk about! Hmm... Let's start out with a BIG shout out to Stephanie, for the AMAZING makeover she gave my blog! She decided to bless me for no other reason than... just out of the goodness of her little heart! She's such a sweetie! Can you believe she just RECENTLY became a "self taught" blog designer? The girl haz got some crazee skills! Thank you Steph, I LOVE my new look! Now would everyone do me a favor? Head on over to Confessions of a Student Nurse and tell her how much you like her style and appreciate her kindness.

Okay, next on the agenda. Update on Serenity; She hasn't had any more tummy problems since yesterday morning. However, last night she started running a temperature... not high, but just high enough to consider it a fever...101. As long as she has motrin in her system, she's good to go. She doesn't even act like she feels bad. Until...the moment the medicine wears off. Then she's back in Mommy's lap. As a matter of fact she's in my arms as I type. She's just about to doze...... zzzz zz zzz off. :)

On a more serious note, recently I was reminiscing. While we were going through Serenity's valley, I would listen to parents worrying over colds, flu, minor allergies. I remember thinking..."Man after all we've been through, I'm NEVER going to sweat over the small stuff again." And for awhile, I lived up to that standard. Things would come my way and just roll off my back.. no big deal. Then it happened! Over a period of time, I became complacent again. After two years of security, I've grown accustomed to normalcy. I do not want to sweat the small stuff. For, I do not want to become complacent. God taught us many lessons during our journey with Serenity. Lessons that I desperately do NOT want to have to learn again.

Still... there is the factor that because Serenity has once had heart problems, we will always have to be more cautious with her concerning colds and viruses. Medically speaking... it causes her to be more susceptible to infections around the heart. A simple virus could soon become a major thing. Nothing to really worry about... just something to be more cautious about. She gets antibiotics more often and sooner than most people.. that kind of thing.

Anyway, we are always to be on alert for a temperature higher than 100.4. After, taking her temperature last night I started to feel fear creeping in. Fear over what... a little virus? Nothing compared to what we've been through. Right? Yet, my mind soon filled with those "what ifs." The "what ifs" soon began to overwhelm me. I felt as if I was nearly drowning with anxiety. I could hardly even breathe.

Immediately, I had to repent and call out to God for help...
"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy1:7

I realized that I was not completely trusting my Savior. Once I repented, instantly my spirit recognized what the enemy was trying to do. He
wants me to become fearful. For when I'm controlled by fear, I allow him access into my life. His main purpose is to bring destruction. Especially, to God's children. He wants to destroy Serenity's testimony. He wants to destroy ANYTHING that gives God Glory. The word says, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour:" 1 Peter 5:8
We must be wise to his devises! We must leave him no room to operate. He has NO authority over me nor my family. As a child of God, covered by the blood of Jesus, only two people have authority over my life... God and myself. I have to open a door for the enemy...through, fear, disobedience, sin... anything that bears the fruit of this world. Otherwise, God has allowed a trial because he sees something in my life that needs perfecting. If God has allowed it then I have the promise according to Romans 8:28 that He will turn it around for my good.

I have NOTHING to fear!

So I prayed for quite a while. Then I declared... "Get BEHIND me satan! You're a LIAR!" Immediately the peace of God filled my heart and I slept soundly without a second thought!
God is so awesome!

Okay last topic I promise. Joylynn over at Joy's Jewels tagged me. Thanks Joy for thinking of me! I'm no pro at this tagging thing, but I thought I would give it a try. I'm suppose to list 8 things...

I'm looking forward to:
1. The second coming of our Savior... of course.
2. The complete manifestation of healing for those I'm praying for
3. Painting all the bedrooms
4. VACATION! It can not come soon enough!
5. The construction of our garage to be finished (it's been nearly 3 years already...urgh!)
6. My new workout videos to be delivered. (Woo Hoo! Hot body here I come!)
7. A smaller pile of laundry (yeah right.. I can dream)
8. My goodnight kiss (Hey! Just being honest, I
was asked! :)

I did yesterday (Saturday):
1. Cleaned
2. Cooked
3. Watched the kids play on the slip n slide
4. Watered the garden/picked strawberries
5. Rocked Reni
6. Made up a song while Rockin Reni (to the tune of Rockin' Robin)
7. Made the kids laugh A LOT
8. Prayed

I wish I could do:
1. Make all the evil in this world just DISAPPEAR
2. Stand in the gap for EVERY sick child
3. Hold
EVERY lonely baby
4. Bring
EVERYONE to the saving grace of Jesus Christ
5. Become the person God created me to be
6. Fulfill my purpose
7. Trust God completely in
ALL things
8. Oh yeah.. and Shop! Shop! Shop!

Shows I watch:
1. Christian Programing
2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (It
IS a necessity. Our world runs smoother if Minnie is near.)
3. Go Diego Go
4. Hannah Montana
5. Whatever superhero or hero show is on (Noah's discretion)
7. The Unit (Tom
refuses to allow us to miss an episode)
8. The Mentalist (Don't u just LOVE Simon Baker's eyes...Ahhh!)

Okay, now I'm suppose to tag eight other people. But I'm just gonna tag Tessa! Because I had to miss her daughter, Kennedy's birthday party today and I'm sad! So Tessa, consider yourself tagged.... Now Go!


Joylynn said...

Haha! Great to read this!! : D Glad you did the tag thing. Your answers are AWESOME!!!!

Ttys, God bless!!


Suki said...

I love your blog and the new design is just awesome.