Thursday, June 11, 2009

The More Impossible it Seems... The More Glory God Receives

"Not to us oh Lord, but to YOU goes ALL the Glory for your unfailing Love and faithfulness." Psalm 115:1

It's no secret that God loves to be glorified. For it's through His glory that we come to know His saving grace. It's through HIS Glory that we learn to completely rely on Him. His Glory is what catches our eye. His Glory is what draws us closer.

But so many times we tend to deny God His glory. So often we deny Him Glory for healing...I had some awesome doctors! We often deny Him glory for our protection.. I was just lucky, I guess. We are so ready to give anyone or anything else God's credit. That's why sometimes, we have to hit rock bottom. We have to go past the point of possibility... So credit can be given where credit is due.

Have you ever read the story of Gideon? It's an awesome story found in the sixth and seventh chapters of Judges. Gideon was facing one of the most powerful armies... the Midianites. Not only were they powerful, but they were numerous as well. The word tells us they were thick as locusts and their camels could no more be counted than sand on the seashore. Can you imagine facing an army of that multitude?

There were times when Gideon became fearful. But God promised him Victory and he remained obedient. He started out with only 32,000 troops. If that wasn't impossible enough...22,000 became fearful and left. Then God took it a step further... "The Lord said...There are still too many, take them down to the water and I will sift them for you there."

God wanted to receive ALL the glory for the Victory. He was leaving no room for doubt. Gideon was soon left with only 300. Yep I said.. 300 men facing an army compared to sand on a seashore. How many of us would have said...NO WAY! This is far too impossible.. Many of us today would have denied God's promise of Victory. Many of us would have accepted defeat. But not Gideon. He was faithful in listening to the voice of God and with the Lord's encouragement...He pushed through.

Now wait this story only gets more interesting. What weapons do you think they took with them? Spears? Swords? Nope! They had empty jars, torches and trumpets. Yes.. I said trumpets. They went in facing one of the most feared armies, with 300 men carrying trumpets. Surely they're setting themselves up for their own slaughter? Right?

Nope again. "When the 300 trumpets sounded the Lord caused the men throughout the camp to turn on each other with their swords." God remained faithful to His promise of Victory. Gideon was Victorious because he remained obedient and fully trusted in a God who can NOT lie.

While going through our valley with Serenity. We went from the possibility of a slightly routine heart surgery...(good thing we have good doctors) a very difficult and extremely dangerous heart surgery...(good thing they're sending us to better doctors)... to "no surgery can save your daughter's heart."(Lord, what are we going to do now)...God wanted ALL the Glory. He had to take us to a place where ALL we had was His promise of healing.

Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we fully rely on God. Sometimes God has to remove all obstacles before He can receive His glory.

For the more impossible it seems...
The More Glory God Receives!

The problem is.. most of the time we (myself included) give up too easily. We focus on the circumstances.... instead of God's promise of victory. We see the fierce multitude of the enemy and we become fearful. "Oh, it must not be God's will." Sometimes we miss God's perfect plan because we fail to be obedient and trust a God who can NOT lie.

Do you remember back in 95 or 96... the first Holyfield vs.Tyson fight? Not the one of the infamous ear bite..but the first one. I remember it well because I knew the outcome before the fight ever started.

Holyfield being the less fit underdog declared victory by God's hand. He boldly professed God was on His side. Tyson on the other hand just mocked his declarations.

I dished out the $50 for pay per view and invited all of my friends over to watch. For just as I'm sure that the Titanic had to sink when so many said.."Not even God can sink this ship." Holyfield HAD to win that fight! If Tyson would have won, our God would have appeared small to millions of unbelievers. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN...GOD WILL NEVER APPEAR SMALL!

Gideon and Holyfield won their battles because they openly placed all their trust in God! And...

"As the scripture says, Anyone who places their trust in Him will NEVER be put to shame." Romans 10:11

We may hit rock bottom. We may have plenty of reasons to become fearful. We may be left with NOTHING except a promise of God to hold on to. But as long as we are fully trusting Him...A promise is ALL we need!

We serve a God of miracles... A God of Victory.... A GOD OF GLORY

"Therefore whether you eat or drink, whatever you do...Do all to the Glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

Love in Christ,