Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lazy days and X marks the spot

Good news! Serenity is feeling much better. Yesterday she said...
"No Fevers! Yay!! Tank you Jesus! Praise da Lord!"

Since everyone was feeling so well,
we decided to spend some time bathing in the sun

Today was a Lazy Summer Day...

Ahhh... This is SO the life!
Even rambunctious little Reni was up for some relaxation.

However, a day of play isn't without it's side effects.

After all the summer fun. Kayleigh pulled me aside.

"Mom, do I have something on my back? It hurts."

"Let me see? Where exactly does it hurt?"

Kayleigh points to the center of her back

"Right.... HERE!"

Uh...Yeah.... X definitely marks the spot!

FYI: Even SPF 50 has it's limits!


Anonymous said...

OUCH! I love your knew photo "topper" with your From Valley To Mountain photos of your precious daughter!

I have been busy with home school set-up and I
have found a small church to visit....

Keep in touch.

Joylynn said...

Yikes! Poor thing! That looks so painful, I can almost feel it myself. : S

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Aww! Your poor back looks like mine every time I step out in the sun...I burn to a crisp!