Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Jesus will make me better!"

The day didn't start out that great for Serenity. She woke up this morning with an upset tummy. Unfortunately, we didn't have to take her word for it! She gave us some yucky proof several times. :(

She just laid in Mommy's lap for most of the morning. When I asked her if she was feeling bad, she nodded her head, then replied with a BIG confident smile... "Jesus WILL make me better!" So young, yet...such unwavering faith! Oh.. to have the heart of a child! (Mark 10:15)

Over and over again
, "Jesus will make me better. Jesus will heal me!"

Until finally... she fell asleep...

She slept for what seemed like forever. Then.. VIOLA... she was back to her usual mischievous self. She was up running and playing just like any other day.

The other kids enjoyed outside play for awhile. Although Reni made a brief appearance in her new bathing suit, she spent most of the day inside...just in case.

After Kayleigh had been playing hard for awhile, she came inside to cool off and sighed, "Whew! I'm pooped!"

Reni didn't hesitate for a moment before she blurted out...

"Oh that's nassy! You should be a big girl like me and poop in da potty!"

LOL Yep! She seems to be back to her old self! :)


Tessa said...

poor neni! i hope she gets to feeling better! well it just so happens that church is havin a fun day after church so i already ordered her a cake so we will have cake for dessert tommarrow night lol!
i know exactly how kayleigh feels i am pooped to, i was up at 5:30 this morning and didn't go to bed last night till 1 and did my craft show all day and then went to sunfest and had intentions on not working just sit while michael works but what happened i worked until 12! i will be dead tired in the morning considering i have to get up extra early to go get kennedy in dewey before we go to church.
talk to you later
love ya