Monday, June 15, 2009

Brotherly Love Renewed...

Very few people know how our family ended up with Eli. You see.. Tom and I were not expecting to have any more children. As a matter of a fact, we were actually trying NOT to have any more children. I thought we had our hands full with the three we already had.

However, little did we know. Noah was quickly becoming VERY tired of being the only boy in the bunch. He was sick of having to defend himself against two VERY overbearing little sisters. Believe it or not, our girls are FAR more aggressive than our boys. Although Noah is the oldest, he has always been the laid back, quiet type. He doesn't fight. He just... kind of... goes with the flow. The girls are SO NOT like that. Which ever way the flow is flowing, it's because they TOLD it to.! They definitely know what they want and they WILL get it! Plain and simple. Noah's personality just doesn't stand up to the tide. He's always being overridden. At the time, he needed someone he knew would always have his back. He decided the answer was a little brother.
So it came as no surprise to him when Mommy announced.."We're gonna have another baby." Noah just looked up with a smile and said... "I know! I've been praying every night for a little brother and I knew God would give me one."

Even though it was a long time before we could technically discover the baby's sex.. We all knew we were having a little boy. God had answered Noah's prayer and given him a little brother.

However, once Eli was born. It didn't take long before Noah grew tired of having to share his "boy" things. Eli was always breaking his favorite toys, messing up his playstation, or just getting in the way. Each time Noah would become frustrated, I would always remind him..."Remember... You Prayed for a little brother. God gave him to you because He trusts you to take care of him." I don't think he ever fully comprehended my message, UNTIL... this weekend.

The boys were outside playing... doing boy stuff. When Noah comes running into the house. "Mom, Eli cracked his head open."


"Eli, cracked his head open."

Immediately, I ran outside and met Eli at the front porch. He was covered in blood. His once bright blond head was literally BLOOD red.... completely saturated. His shirt collar was completely stained and it was actually dripping blood. My heart sank as I wiped the blood from his face.

"NOAH! What happened?"

Noah was crying hysterically! He could barely spit the words out.

"He got hit with a rock."

"A ROCK? How did he get hit with a rock? Were YOU throwing rocks again?"

He begins to cry even harder.

"Yeeeessss! I was skipping them on the mud puddle and he walked in front of me. MOM.. take him to the hospital!"

I looked at Eli, drenched in blood. I knew that head wounds bleed beyond excessively. Something very minor could appear to be very serious. On the other hand, because of the amount of blood, It was so hard to determine the size of the wound. I decided not to take any chances. While praying, I quickly ran into the house, grabbed a clean wash cloth and told Kayleigh to apply pressure as I changed out of my pajamas.

Tom was out fishing with my brother. So I loaded all the kids up and headed for the hospital. On the way, Noah was still sobbing.
"Mom, I prayed for Eli."

"I know honey and Eli is going to be just fine."

Meanwhile... Eli was just sitting there perfectly calm.. no tears... no worries... just wiping the blood out of his eyes.

The bleeding stopped just as we were pulling up to the ER. We went in anyway. Once the nurses saw my blood covered little boy. They wasted no time taking him back.

As they were cleaning the wound. I glanced down and suddenly blushed with embarrassment. The entire time, my shorts were completely unzipped. I
casually reached down and tried to zip them without being noticed. However, much to my surprise, I could not locate the zipper. Upon careful inspection, I realized... in the mad dash to get dressed, not only had I forgotten to zip my shorts, BUT.. I had also put them on inside out. Yep... I could not find my zipper because it was INSIDE my shorts. Obviously, sticking my hand down my pants in order to grasp the zipper was completely out of the question at that particular moment. So.. I desperately pulled the bottom of my shirt down in an attempt to cover my mistake. Fortunately no one noticed... or... they were just being really polite by not saying anything.
Either way I was grateful! :)

Anyway, It turns out that Eli did NOT have to have any stitches. As a matter of fact, all the commotion was over this tinnie tiny, itty bitty, little scratch...


The other good part is.. Noah has once again realized just how much he LOVES his brother. He suddenly has more patience and understanding. He has even given him permission to play with all of his things.

Since the accident they have become inseparable...

"Thank you Jesus for giving me my little brother....

for KEEPING him around."


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

So glad that Eli is ok! And even more excited that Noah and Eli have renewed their brotherly bond :-)

Kelli said...

God bless them both! So glad that Eli's injury was a minor one.

Kara Grace said...

That story really warmed my heart. (it also reminds me of me and my sisters...I can be so mean to them, but as soon as something happens...)