Sunday, May 24, 2009

Train up a child in the way he should go...

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

As a Christian mother, so often I wonder...Am I saying or doing enough to train my children in the ways of the Lord? It's one of my greatest concerns. God has entrusted five little lives in my hands. I desperately do not want to disappoint Him. The thought that my babies might miss out on God's perfect will or plan for their lives because of MY failure... terrifies me! I want to do ALL I can to ensure they follow His path. For like most mothers, I only want the best for my children and I know with all of my heart that God's way is the only certain path to true happiness.

Of course I am human. I often make mistakes. I often get caught up in this fast paced world. I miss plenty of opportunities for bible discussion. I've been known to rush through prayer time on occasion or even (dare I say it) ...forget it completely.

I am also not one who likes to talk a lot (believe it or not). I can write down my feelings or type out long letters, but to actually put my thoughts into spoken words... is nearly impossible for me. I just don't talk a lot.

So I become concerned that I may not be doing enough. Are my children learning the ways of the Lord from me? Are they getting enough "soul" food for their spiritual growth?

Then remarkably they answer my question.

The older ones are constantly asking for prayer for their friends, talking about Jesus, humming Praise and worship songs. They know right from wrong. They LOVE to read their Bibles.

Even little Eli has picked up some good habits. Lately he has become quite the little preacher. Whenever he see a child his not familiar with, he will ask them about Jesus.
Just the other day I overheard him talking...

Eli: "Do you know Jesus?"

Little boy ignores him

Eli: "Hey! Do you know Jesus"

Little boy again tries to ignore him

Eli: "HEY! You know JESUS?"

Little boy shakes his head in hope that Eli will stop bothering him. This only entices Eli more. He gets right up in the boy's face and again boldly asks..

Eli: "You know CHURCH?... JESUS?... HEL-LO?"

The little boy causally pushed him away but Eli was persistent until finally the little boy gave him a yes answer. He never gave up! The whole time I'm thinking... Wow he could teach ME a thing or two about witnessing!

I'm also in awe at how Serenity has learned to praise Jesus for everything. She praises Him for her favorite meals, toys and even getting her way.
Last week we were out shopping for new shoes and were having a hard time finding some to fit her foot. She tried on several pair... they were either too short or too wide. Finally we found a pair that fit.
Immediately, Serenity shouted.."Oh Thank you Jesus! Praise the LORD!"
Everyone in the store heard her Praise!

Moments like these I am so proud of my children. Moments like these ease my conscious and help me to realize that they are in deed being trained in the way they should go.

I may not express my thoughts or feelings well verbally. But, they are learning! They are absorbing every minor detail.

From the time they were conceived I have prayed God's will over their lives. I have asked for His hand to guide their steps and I strive to live a Godly life before them. Even with all my imperfections, I strive daily for "Christ like" perfection. They watch...they listen....They are learning...By the Grace of God... They ARE learning to walk the right path!

And they will continue to learn
through Prayer and by....