Friday, May 15, 2009

A Tragic Loss...

I was watching the news earlier and saw a segment that just horrified me. Apparently a beautiful 18 year old girl (whom I will NOT disclose her name) was involved in a terrible car accident. She was killed at the scene. Her body was so disturbingly mutilated that the coroner refused to allow her parents to identify the body. Now just wait, the story only becomes more disturbing.

Allegedly an officer on the scene leaked out the accident scene photos. In a matter of days, millions of people across cyberspace were viewing the last remains of this couple's daughter. Someone even went as far as to email the most explicit picture to the girl's dad.

My heart broke for this family. Why can't people just live their lives and let this girl die in peace! Why can't they just give her family time to mourn their loss! The other three daughters are scared to even access the Internet. They're terrified of what they might see!

According to the news, if you were to google this girl's name, you would get nearly 3 million hits. (Hence the reason why I will NOT disclose her name) 3 million hits guys....3 MILLION. This entire scenario literally makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me ashamed to even call myself human.

Truth is most people will view this post for no other reason except for the title! Twice as many people will read an article entitled, A Tragic Loss, compared to those who would read an article entitled.. um let's say... A family celebration. This poses a question for me. Why are people so fascinated with death? Why is it impossible for us to turn away from the sight of a train wreck? I know that we all have come across an accident or car wreck at some point and just had to stare. "OH NO is everyone alright?" Am I right? Is it the curiosity of the unknown... Or on the most part, do most of us just genuinely want to help? I'm not sure...

When Serenity was facing the very real possibility of death, we had people coming out of the wood work to help us out. We were overwhelmed with the love of complete strangers. So many were so genuinely concerned. There is no possible way I could ever repay the love we were shown during our time of need. People were praying for our daughter, who knew nothing more than her name.

To make it perfectly clear, I AM forever grateful for each and every prayer offered for our daughter.

However at the same time I have to wonder, where are all those people now? Few have ever kept in touch. Once Serenity received her healing, everyone just seemed to disappear. Is my daughter any less special healthy than she was ill? Does she need prayer any less? I believe we ALL need prayer. We ALL need a daily intervention from God. We ALL need a mighty move of HIS hand.

Why do we feel that tragedy must strike before we show God's love? Why must someone feel misery BEFORE we drop to our knees to pray?

I have mentioned before in this post, complete strangers notice a difference in Serenity compared to other children. They are drawn to her, without even knowing anything about her.

Even as her mother, I honestly do not think my daughter is any more special than any other child. I love her, but in a world outside of a mother's love, she is no more special than the toddler down the street or a starving child on the other side of the world. She is Serenity... plain and simple... just Serenity. Yet people are always picking her out of a crowd. People continue to be drawn to her. Why? Simple... Prayer! She was covered by earnest prayer for a long period of time . God's presence surrounds her and people are drawn to His presence... not my daughter.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

There are so many sick children out there who need our prayers and attention. There are so many lost and hurting souls who need God's intervention. I am definitely NOT saying pray for them any less! Quite the contrary, Pray MORE, MORE, MORE. Pray until you KNOW you have reached the throne of God and received your answer. Then hold onto that promise with EVERYTHING you have! Hold on and don't let go!

I am not saying pray less for anyone! All I'm saying is, why should we look at the world through our little telescope. Why should we focus on only the most obvious selections. If we were to pray as earnestly for all those we come into contact with, imagine the mighty generation we could raise up for God. Imagine all the attacks of the enemy that would be PREVENTED!

I was just thinking what if... 3 million people cared about this girl BEFORE she left this world....
Let us just say that one million of these people are NOT actual psycho paths obsessed with morbid behavior. Even if those 1 million or 500, 000 or 100,000, or 100 or even 50 people had earnestly prayed for her BEFORE she passed. Would her family still be able to wrap their arms around her?

That's all I'm saying!