Friday, May 22, 2009

Toddler Talk - Shopping Spree

Playtime With Eli and Serenity:

Serenity climbs onto her Winnie the Pooh ride on toy with her Easter basket strapped over her shoulder. She begins to sing as she pushes her way through the kitchen.

Reni: "We're goin' to All- Mart. We're goin' to All-Mart."

Once she reaches the dining room, she carefully parks Winnie the Pooh and ducks under the table where Eli is patiently waiting.

Reni: "Ello All - Mart man."

Eli: "Elcome to All-Mart. You wanna sticker?"

Reni: "Yep"

Eli: "K here ya go" pretends to stick something on her shirt

Reni: "Tank you All-Mart man. I need cereal."

Eli: "K here some cereal." hands her imaginary cereal.
"That be 9 hundreds of dollars"
(Wow inflation's a bummer ain't it?)

Serenity reaches down into her "purse like" Easter basket and hands him the imaginary money. Then turns to leave.

Reni: "Bye-bye All- Mart man!"

Eli: "Bye-Bye Come back again and gimme er money."
(A true business man)

Reni: yells over her shoulder "K... I will."

Serenity climbs back onto her ride on Winnie the Pooh and pushes her way back through the kitchen.

Bet ya can't guess where we spend the biggest part of our time away from home? :)