Saturday, May 2, 2009

A night out

Tom and I had a lot of fun on our night out. First he surprised me with 11 beautiful roses. (one for every year of our marriage) There were ten normal red roses and one unusual rainbow rose. Every petal was a different color....

Is that not the coolest thing you've ever seen? It sure impressed me! Of course it doesn't normally take much to impress this stuck at home Mommy of five! :)
We dropped all the kids off at my parents house. It's hard to remember the last time we were alone. I'm pretty sure it was on my birthday FIVE months ago and the time before that was our anniversary LAST year! Uh yeah... we make a habit of being alone twice a year whether we need to or not. :)
The drive to the restaurant felt so strange. The car was unusually quiet. Tommy and I talked the entire way, yet the lack of fighting siblings made for a boring ride. Consciously I thought, Wow this is nice. Unconsciously, however was a different story. My maternal instincts kept kicking in as I was constantly turning around to check on the EMPTY car seats in the back.
Tommy made reservations at Osaka's Japanese Steakhouse. If you've ever been to Shogun's it's very similar. The chef prepares your food at your table and does all the fancy tricks, tossing things around. I tend to think we happened upon the only rookie chef in the joint, as he dropped about as much as he threw. The bowl which was suppose to land in his pocket actually landed in the waiting area next to the restrooms. Customers were ducking their heads every time the poor guy picked up his spatula. We shared a table with an older couple. You should have seen the look on the woman's face when he picked up the matches to do his volcano stunt. I was sure she was going to sprint toward the door! It was hilarious! But, we really didn't mind his mistakes. He was actually a very nice young man and it made for a more interesting and comical night! Also, our food turned out delicious, so a few flying eggs was soon overlooked!
After dinner, we killed some time with some window shopping. Then headed for the dollar show. (Hey when your raising five kids you cut corners any way you can) We ended up watching, "Taken" Wow! That was an jaw dropping, eye opener.
It was so nice walking into a public place without being the center of attention. Usually we enter with all our little ducklings in a row and people can't help but stare. Last night we simply entered a room and the world continued to spin. We didn't have to answer the age old questions..."Are these ALL yours?" or "Don't you know what causes that?" We didn't have to stop every few feet for someone to offer us candy or pinch the baby's cheeks. We didn't have to tell our entire family history to every passerby, reciting each child's name and age. (although I did a few times anyway) We weren't the center of attention. We were simply a couple out on a date and....It was so NICE to just blend in!
After the show we made a quick stop for some....*whispering*.... ice cream. But shhh.. that's our little secret! You know it's actually a pretty inexpensive treat when you're only buying for two...instead of the normal seven. Who knew?
It was really nice to spend some alone time with my hubby. We really needed some quiet time! But to be completely honest by the end of the night I was SO ready to hug ALL my babies!
Our life may be a wild ride at times. We may be the topic of many whispering conversations between strangers. At times we may be stressed beyond measure and even want to pull our hair out. But every day we thank God for all the blessings that make up our home! We are honored by God's decision to entrust so many wonderful children in our care and humbled by the difficulty of the task. We offer thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for the comfort and love we find in each other and the strength we find in Him! For our relationship thrives ONLY by HIS grace!
We praise God for our simple.... yet completely fulfilling life!
We enjoyed our night out! However, when it comes right down to it, both of us would just as soon prefer a (not so quiet) night at home snuggled in the recliner watching TV with all the kids!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful... wow... I have heard of multi-tinted
roses... but not seen one. I need to get back to working on my blogs... my kids have been sick on and off..... and I am busy with ballet lessons for them and a recital this week! Keep in touch! Kathy