Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mother in Prayer

Mother's day came and went. As a mother of five small children, I often get asked the question..."How do you do it?" I would LOVE to say that my life is an exact replica of "The Donna Reed Show." I would LOVE to say that I'm always organized, always patient, always perfectly on top of things. However if I did, I would be lying through my teeth. I'm not always organized. I'm not always patient. To be perfectly honest, MOST of the time I'm stressed beyond recognition.

I raise my voice more times than I want to admit. There are moments when I'm irritable, grouchy and unreasonable. There are moments when I'm overwhelmed by sheer exhaustion. I often find myself praying for the strength just to make it through the day.

I wake up with babies. I go to sleep with babies. I even go to the bathroom with babies. Yes... when nature calls, I have two choices. One...I go with one baby standing next to me while the other sits on my lap, or Two...I close the door and watch tiny little fingers poking up from underneath while I listen to them scream "I want my mommy!" I rarely get a break. I rarely get even a moment of privacy.

Although, I spend 90% of my time awake cleaning, my house is NEVER clean. I mop... something spills. I do laundry...someone changes. I wash dishes...someone eats. I feel like I'm constantly spitting against the wind!

Our home is anything but a quiet place to rest your head! Noah LOVES to pester his sisters and they in return LOVE to tattle. The girls can not stop bickering for five measly minutes. I swear I'm raising the biggest drama queens ever to grace the theater. They touch each other and suddenly the world is coming to an end.

I'm constantly dealing with whining, fighting, crying, spills and thrills. My options for the day are, feeding, bathing, scrubbing, washing, drying, folding, or cooking. It's an never ending battle in which most of the time I swear I'm losing.

Yet somehow I make it through. Somehow I remain sane. At night when I check on them sound asleep in their beds, or when I'm holding a baby within each arm rocking them to sleep, or every time one of them wraps their arms around me and says, "I love you Mommy!" These are the moments that ALL is well.
These are the moments when my life is simply beautiful, simply wonderful...simply perfect!

Love gets me through!

Love is the driving force that pushes me on!

And 1 John 4:8 says... God is LOVE.

So whenever someone asks me the question, "How DO you DO it?" I always reply with..."Only by the grace of God."

As a child I was blessed with a very loving mother. So naively I thought that ALL mothers were nurturing. As I grew older I began to realize how very wrong that notion really is. Not ALL mothers are driven by a love for their family. Not ALL mothers are even capable of loving their children. For not all mothers even know what love really is. Just as I believe that it's impossible for a marriage to happily survive without God as the center. I also believe a mother can not truly be the nurturer she was created to be without God as her source. For without God true love does not exist.

I was blessed with a very spiritual and loving mother. Many years ago, I wrote her the following poem:

A Mother in Prayer
By: Dana Burk

A Mother in Prayer knelt gracefully on the ground
Hands held high with angels all around
One wish upon her lips, one need to be met
"Let my children follow the path thy Lord hath set."
Since birth her love has been our protection
Bringing every need before God for His divine intervention
Though times grow hard, she never gives in
She walks only by faith, KNOWING the Lord will win
Love, strength, a mother has it all
A shoulder to cry on, a friend to call
Qualities of a loving mother, they're easy to see
Still there's one thing more a loving mother must be
Whenever you need her, a loving mother will always be there
But a mother is just a woman UNLESS she's

I believe those words with all of my heart! I know I'm far from being perfect! I desperately need God's wisdom, direction and strength on a daily basis.

However, after reading all my beautiful mother's day cards....

Dear Mom happy mother's day. When I look at you I see a mother who loves me and cares for me. And you are the best cook I ever seen. You are beder (better) than a chef. I love you mom. I am really spieshle (special) because of my mom. I love you mom.You are beautiful. You are the best. Everyone wants to have a mom like you. But haha I found you first. Happy mother's day. Love Kayleigh

I find comfort in knowing... with God's help... I must be doing something right! :)

For I am Loved and Blessed beyond measure!