Thursday, May 14, 2009

Honor and Humility

Stephanie @ Confessions of a Student Nurse has blessed me once again. This time with a double dose of recognition. What can I say....She loves me! :)

Stephanie nominated me for...

This means so much to me. As I have always prided myself as being a loyal person. It is something that I have always tried my very best to be. I LOVE showing God's LOVE in my life! I haven't known Stephanie very long...only a few months. So It's nice to know that she already sees the qualities of a true friend in me. Although, I'm confident it's not me, but rather Jesus within me that she sees.

She also nominated me for the attitude of gratitude award...

When life hands you lemons, what do you do?
Call on Jesus!

This award is also special to me. For the entire purpose of this blog and Serenity's website is so that God will be Glorified. For HE took a situation in our life that Satan meant for harm and turned it around for our good. When we make the decision to trust in Him, God will always take satan's bitter lemons and give us a nice refreshing drink of His Living water!

So thank you Stephanie! These really are special to me!

Now technically I'm suppose to pass them on to some other bloggers I deem worthy. However, I haven't been a part of the blog world very long and I know very little about few people. So... instead I'm just leaving them up for grabs. If you feel you deserve one or both of these awards, then that's good enough for me!
Okay now that my ego has been boosted a little, I need a quick reality check with a good dose of humility. We need to remain balanced here. Wouldn't want to get a big head!

Anyway, last night I rocked the babies to sleep, the way I always do. Once they were sleeping, I had to carry them to bed. So I gently let go of Serenity and carefully raised up with Eli tightly in grasp. Now make note of the fact that I'm trying to be just a quiet as I possibly can. I don't want to wake up the babies that I've spent the last hour trying to get to sleep. Every step is taken with caution, every move is subtle.

As I slowly turn away, my foot lands directly on the edge of a toy that's barely sticking out from underneath the chair.

I'm sure you know where I'm going with this!

Yep... My feet go flying out from underneath me! I feel as if I'm stuck in slow mode as I plummet to the ground. All I could think was..."Oh man I'm going to hit the ground hard! There's nothing I can do about it and it's going to HURT!"

Then suddenly I remembered, ELI! My Mommy instincts kick in. I turn my body in mid air to spare him the blunt of the fall.

I land directly on my right hip bone. OUCH! Did I hear a crack? OH MAN! Pain shoots down my leg and into my toes. I look down. Eli's sleepy eyes are wide open! He looks at me, as if saying...Wow what was THAT? I give him a quick... Shh it's okay.... Then he drifts back to slumber land.

Meanwhile my eyes are squinting trying to hold back the tears. I slowly rise to position and hobble into the bedroom... moaning the whole way.

Tommy is sound asleep and what I mean by sound is...he's LOUDLY snoring! But, evidently not louder than my moaning!

Me: "OH..OH..OOH...UH...OW!"

Tommy: startled "HUH..WHAT?" smack smack "Oh..What's wrong? Are you alright babe?"

Me: "No...I fell hard on my hip. I was trying to carry Eli and slipped on a..."

Tommy: snoring loudly "zzzz ZZZ ZZZ zzz"

Me: "Tommy? TOMMY? HELLO?"


Me: big sigh "Man...Glad I'm not dying or anything!" :)

I start to close my eyes.. then realize, "Oh...Serenity is still in the chair!"

"Tommy... Tommy.... TOMMY!?"


Could you please go..."

ZZZ zzz ZZZ zzz

"Oh never mind!"

I get up and hobble back into the living room. This time being much more careful of where I step!

So there you have it! Honor and Humility in one day. I guess they go hand in hand... when you move as gracefully as I do! :)