Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fashion Parade With Serenity!

Good Evening and Welcome to fashion parade with Serenity! Tonight we will be introducing a brand new line of fashions.. as well as some oldies but goodies. Every ensemble you encounter is a one of a kind creation by Serenity. Please no bidding at the end of our presentation. Each outfit is a work of art and clearly not for sale. :)

First we'll introduce one of Serenity's classic attires.
Note the perfect symmetry...

one arm out, two legs in, and one boot on.
Ah sheer genius that could only be topped by...
a lovely stretch pant hoodie...

Now we have a fabulous blend of polyester and cotton.
One slightly older brother's dinosaur sweatshirt, accompanied by cozy pajama bottoms, and completed with this season's newest trend snow boots.
Orange, Pink, Red?
Only a mastermind would put these colors together!
Yes folks we have a winner here!

For those of you who LOVE to have a good time,
Try dancing the night away in Serenity's own version of a "Potty" hat!

Don't like dancing?
Well how about a nice cozy night at home?
We asked Serenity what kind of night wear is in this season and the verdict is in folks!
This year's greatest fashion sensation currently sweeping the nation is....BIG.
Yep according to fashion expert Serenity,
the bigger the better!
Be the talk of the town in your own oversize pajama bottoms.
They're so big, who needs a shirt?

Or how about some fabulous tennis shoes?
Not one or two but....12 sizes too big!

Yes! Serenity has a style for EVERYONE!
Like western wear? Well check out THIS cowgirl!

Western not your thing? More into hip hop?
Try on one of Serenity's bling bling stocking caps!
They're guaranteed to be all the rage next season!

But wait!
Who could forget her most popular ensemble?
Definitely her favorite choice of ALL day attire!
(despite countless parental objections)
You know which one I'm talking about...
Oh yes...
Now complete with one new added feature...
A Dora the Explorer miniature sized back pack!

(Sorry... No picture for obvious reasons!)

There you have it folks...
Fashion advice from one of (in our opinion) the Nation's top style experts!

Well... That's it for tonight!
But we'll see you here next season on
Fashion Parade With Serenity!


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