Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unexpected Book of Praises!

Just a little over two years ago, we were told the only way our daughter would survive was to endure a heart transplant. We did not close the door to that option. We merely trusted God to direct our path. We received His assurance that which ever way He directed she would be fine. Despite all the complications a transplant can bring, despite the predictions of her possibility having to endure even another one years down the road, and then yet another one even after that. Despite the predictions of our daughter never living another day without having to take medication, we trusted in a GOD that heals. We didn't close the door to any options, we just simply walked through the ones that God opened and we're content with the ones He closed.

Our doctors insisted there was no other option except heart transplant. They set up a day for a heart transplant evaluation. This was a time to emotionally and physically prepare us for a life altering event. We sat down for consultation with doctor after doctor after doctor. We personally met with two different transplant surgeons. We went as far as to set up financial support for what would turn out to be a near million dollar expense. We even had to make an appointment with the hospital psychologist to prepare us for the emotional strain. The evaluation took an entire day and afterward they handed us this folder...

We took it home with us. I opened it to the first page and only made it through to the second. The information it contained was just too unbearable for me to read. It contained all the side effects of a transplant, the unpredictable life after transplant and There was even a section on how to grieve if your child didn't make it.

I knew that God had our daughter in His hands. He gave me that assurance. I knew He was already working in her life, for she wasn't suppose to make it out of the hospital or even be breathing on her own. I knew God was in control. However, I also knew that I was going to need all the strength that God could give me!

God could have chosen to heal our daughter by transplant. If He had chosen to take that route I have no doubt that she would have suffered none of the side effects. I have no doubt that she would have sailed through the entire experience. I have no doubt my daughter still would have led a long, normal, productive life. But God didn't choose that route. Instead He chose to deliver her from a heart transplant! For that we are forever grateful!

Once transplant was no longer part of our future, we removed those dreadful papers and placed the folder up on a shelf, But as you can see....

Our folder has since been taken down off that shelf and is quite worn with use! We never want to forget the wonderful gift God has given us! Our journey with Serenity was such a learning experience for us. We never want to forget all the valuable lessons our Savior taught us. We never want to forget the closeness we feel to Him now! Our lips will forever sing praises to Him!

My husband and I lead part of the Praise and Worship service at our church. We made the decision to use our folder for the Glory of God. It was once filled with devastating possibilities. It once lacked hope. But now....Oh but now....It is filled with songs of....

Praises to our LORD!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea and way to turn something
negative into something positive!