Sunday, April 19, 2009

Toddler Talk - Road Trip

If you have ever traveled in a car with five small children, you know just how stressful it can be. "Stop touching me!" "Get on your own side!" "Mom....So and So is touching me." "I have to go to the bathroom!" "I'm hungry!" "Are we there yet?" You get the picture.

Everyone has heard the annoying stories of kids and road trips. But did you know that it can be quite comical as well? Here are a couple of funny examples from our recent trip!

Serenity and Eli both have developed the skill of escaping from their car seats. I'm constantly harping on them about it! Serenity just loves to imitate her mother! Well, while driving down the road....

Serenity: "Ligah you stay in er seatbelt!"

Eli: "I am!"

Serenity: "I mean it! Don't even Tank about it!"

Eli: "Neni."

Serenity: "What?"

Eli: "I AM thinking about it!"

Serenity: very loud "NO...I SAID don't even Tank about it!"

Eli: "Haha...I'm thinking about it...right now!"

Serenity: screaming at the top of her lungs.."NO! YOU DON'T TANK ABOUT IT!"

Eli: "I AM thinking about it....I'm thinking about it!"

Serenity: almost to the point of tears "Mommy! Ligah's tanking about it!"

Mom: "It's okay Reni! He's allowed to think about it, just as long as he doesn't act on it."

Serenity: "Mommy, you said NO tank about it!"

Mom: "I know honey, obviously Mommy needs to choose her words more carefully."

Later on down the road....

Noah: holding his nose "Oh Man someone needs some Beano! Gross! Gracee did you toot?"

Gracee: "NO it wasn't me!"

Noah: "You're lying! You tooted!"

Gracee: "NO I'm not! It wasn't me! I promise!"

Noah: "Then it was Kayleigh!"

Kayleigh: "No it wasn't! I didn't do it!"

They begin arguing back and forth...accusing each other. In the middle of the chaos....

Serenity: very causally states, "Me tooted!"

Instant Silence...then....

Everyone: "AHHHHH!"

Reni just giggles!

It was a long trip...a little stressful...a little comical...VERY exhausting.....

Boy are we glad to be home!