Friday, April 24, 2009

Toddler Talk - An "almost" Pinch

Serenity and Eli are playing when all of a sudden Reni starts crying. Immediately after, Eli starts crying as well. Then they both come running to find Mommy!

Eli: "Mommy, Neni ALMOST pinched me!"
Mommy: "Reni ALMOST pinched you?"
Eli: still sobbing.."Yes!"
Mommy: trying not to laugh "Oh well.. I think you'll be just fine!"

About that time, Daddy walks into the room! Eli and Reni run over to him. Eli tries to tattle but Reni cuts him off...

Reni: crying "Daddy, Eli ALMOST pinched me first!"
Daddy: also trying hard not to laugh "Eli ALMOST pinched you?"
Reni: sobbing "Yes!"
Daddy: teasing "Well then...I guess you better thank him for NOT pinching you!"
Reni: "OK..." turns toward Eli "Tank you Ligah!"
Eli: screams in anger "NO NENI... DON'T TANK ME!"
Reni: "Why?"
Eli: "Cause I DID pinch YOU!"
Mommy: quickly "Elijah! You know we don't pinch!"
Eli lets out a BIG sigh then stomps off toward the naughty chair! "...Man....I can't do nuffing right!"


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They have too much time on their hands lol!