Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's no secret that our home can get pretty crazy. Stuff seven people into our little three bedroom, two bath house and you're bound to get some excitement. There is never a dull moment and quiet seems to be a thing of the past. Noise is just a part of our lives!
However, dealing with five small children isn't just about the sound. I also see some pretty strange things on a daily basis. I find food in the oddest places. I encounter the most disgusting objects in jean pockets. We have discovered the strangest items stuck in our toilets, all the way from toothbrushes to potatoes. In our home, Crayons have boldly gone where no other crayons have gone before.
Yet, even in the midst of our exciting routine, few things have actually surprised me. That is....Until today! As I was going about my nightly routine, minding my own business. I opened up our freezer to snag some meat for dinner and....

AHHHH! I nearly jumped out of my skin!

"Serenity, Why is your baby in the freezer!"

"Shhh Mommy! Baby is SLEEPING!"

whispering "Oh....So Sorry!"

Apparently our house is SO noisy that a poor baby has to sleep in the freezer just to get some peace and quiet around here! :) Crazy!!!


Kelli said...

That would have startled the mess outta me! it!

Tessa said...

reni, is your baby not cold? lol silly girl, i didn't know you could reach that high

Ferrick said...

I'm thinking God sent Serenity to this earth to make the rest of us smile and laugh. Oh that girl, never a dull moment. Susie