Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Serenity's Angels!

Ever since Serenity was released from the hospital she has been fascinated with Angels. Even before she was old enough to really focus on objects, she would notice pictures of Jesus or angels.

In the sanctuary of our church hangs a painting of an Angelic Being. Before Serenity was old enough to talk, she would babble at this picture. She would just ramble off, then pause as if she expected it to reply. Every time we would attend church, she was drawn to that picture and would talk then listen. She would seem almost disappointed when the picture failed to talk back.

The entire time she was ill, I know that she was surrounded by Angels. I know that she felt the presence of our dear Lord. I have no doubt God's peace carried her through her time discomfort. For I prayed for His protection, I prayed for His comfort. I prayed that He would hold her in His hands. I am confident, my daughter didn't suffer. I am confident that while she slumbered, she was filled with the joy of the Lord.

There were several times she came very close to death, but God sustained her. I often wonder, did she see the face of Jesus? Did she feel Him holding her hand. I wonder does she remember the angels singing songs of comfort to lull her to sleep?

Several months ago we were sitting in the rocking chair just snuggling and I decided to ask her.

Mom: "Reni, Did you see Jesus?"

Reni: "Yep!"

Mom: " Oh really? What does Jesus look like?"

Reni: points to her face "Eyes, Nose, Mouth."

Mom: "Oh.. He has eyes, nose and a mouth does he?" chuckle chuckle

Mom: "Did Jesus talk to you?"

Reni: "Yes!"

Mom: "What did He say?"

She then begins to ramble something off that only God himself could understand.

Mom: "Okay then.....that's nice!" "Did you see angels?"

Reni: "Yep"

Mom: "What do they look like?"

Reni: "PRETTY eyes, nose, mouth."

Mom: "Oh they're pretty like Reni are they?"

I began to tickle her and through the laughter she blurted out a "YEP!"

Mom: "What did they say?"

Remember this was several months ago...Serenity was only a year old. So I wasn't really expecting the answer she gave.

Reni: very plainly "Blessing!"

Mom: stunned it was so VERY plain. "What did you say?"

Reni: again very plain "BLESSING!"

Mom: "Blessing? Did the angels say anything else?"

Reni: causally nodds, "Praise!"

Again I was stunned at how very plain the word was. I didn't even know she knew what blessings and praise were yet and I certainly didn't expect her to be able to associate those words with angels. I was amazed!

Now I wasn't amazed that she saw angels nor that they spoke to her. I was just amazed that she actually remembered what they said. But I guess that would be a pretty hard thing to forget. :)

Through the Eyes of...
By: Dana Burk

Through the eyes of others, I lay sleeping and still

Sickness overwhelmed me, a body so ill

Eyes of friends and family peered with grief

Health of youth stolen by blessings one thief

Doctors and nurses offered little hope

Mommy and Daddy found it hard to cope

Standing firm on the Promises they found

God’s Holy Word echoed with sound

Through my sleeping eyes, I saw angels bliss

Each one offering a heavenly kiss

I giggled as they circled my bed

Planting their kisses upon my head

I watched in awe at each one I would meet

I laughed even harder when they tickled my feet

Jesus was there sitting at my side

Telling the angels where to glide

We laughed together as we watched the show

He held my hand and never let go

Pain from sickness I did not feel

Sustained by God, A touch so real

Through my open eyes I soon would see

Mommy and Daddy waiting for me

Excited to tell them about the fun I had

I didn’t understand why they looked so sad

Patiently, I waited for the doctors to say

Mommy could hold me, what a wonderful day

Snuggled in her arms feeling her warm embrace

I saw tears of joy upon her face

As the days go on, sorrow begins to fade

Life fills the bed death once had laid

By the Stripes of Jesus, I am healed

Through it all, God’s Glory revealed

Through the eyes of Jesus, He saw my pain

Suffered and died, for my sickness was slain

Through His eyes, Death He sees no more

Through His blood, our suffering He bore

Cleansed from sickness now my eyes see as well

By His death, all fullness in life shall dwell

In a moment of weakness, to our knees we fell

Through my mouth, a mighty testimony to tell

"For He shall give his Angels charge over thee to keep thee on all thy ways"

Psalm 91:11

(I had originally written this poem for another baby...little Granton. However, every time I read it, it reminds me of our experience with Serenity. So I thought I would share it)


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

I truly believe that because children are not inhibited by the things adults get wrapped up in, they are able to hear and experience God much more. How amazing that is!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for what He is doing.