Monday, April 6, 2009

More Good News/Bad News

Good News: After three weeks of fighting this nasty cold, I finally made time to go to the doctor.
Bad News: I ended up with bad Inner Ear and Sinus infections.

Good News: They gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way.
Bad News: I had to listen to Tom's "I told you, you needed to go the doctor!" all the way home! :)

Good News: The earth still MOVES when my husband kisses me! Ahhh!
Bad News: It moves ALL the time now thanks to the infection knocking my equilibrium off. Man where is that V8 guy when you need him!

Good News: Tommy let me take a nap while he watched the kids!
Bad News: His idea of "watching" the kids, is locking all the other doors in the house and confining them to only the room he's in!

Good News: Their mess was secluded to only one particular area.
Bad News: Tom went to work! I drank A LOT of fluids, REALLY have to tinkle and have nothing to pick the STINKING locks on all the bathroom doors!!

Good News: Eli is finally getting the hang of all this potty training stuff!
Bad News: We had to bribe him with computer privileges!

Good News: Serenity actually listened yesterday and covered her naked bottom with some PJ's!
Bad News: The pajama bottoms belonged to her MUCH older sister!

Oh...She makes me giggle!
You just gotta love her effort!