Thursday, April 30, 2009

In a flash...

We always arrive at church a little early on Wednesdays. We need time to prepare things for youth group. Well anyway, before church started, I was killing time by taking a few quick photos. Serenity was being her normal playful self, prancing around the sanctuary, making everyone smile. She was posing for the camera and being a little ham!

Just before time for the service to begin, she wondered up onto the platform. She stopped, turned around to face the camera (and entire congregation) and smiled big!
Awww what a pretty little picture!

I quickly picked up the camera and...


In a flash, she raised her dress up for the entire congregation to see! The camera captured the moment just before the bottom of her dress went over her head!

"Oh Serenity! You went up onto the platform to do THAT!"
That's our little Reni, always the center of attention! :)

On a nicer note...
I did snag a cute picture of the babies FINALLY being good! Along with their cousin Talynn, they all lined up on the front pew with hymnals carefully in place and sweetly sang for Jesus!
Not one of them can read a lick, but they sure had fun concentrating on those words! :)