Monday, March 9, 2009

Toddler Talk...Late!

I missed Toddler Talk last week! So I'm picking up the slack this week with some doosies!

Serenity calls from the other room.


"Yes Reni!"

"Mom whacha doin'?"

"I'm cooking supper! What are you doing?"

There is a slight pause then Serenity answers with...

"I'm NOT making a mess!"

Mom thinks to herself, Oh well that pretty much means that you are, doesn't it?

Mom stops what she's doing and briskly walks into the next room. Serenity stands over two separate cups both containing a mixture of ice tea and milk. A big puddle surrounds them both.

"Oh NO Serenity! What a mess! Where is your Dad?!"

A now honest Reni shrugs her shoulders and replys with...

"I dunno! He's not watching me."

Mom sighs. Evidently!

A curious Mom wants to know the toddlers perspective on the duties of Mom and Dad
So Mom asks Reni,

"Reni what does a Mommy do?"

"Takes care of Neni."

"What does a Daddy do?"

"Plays with Neni."

"What do Mommy and Daddy do?"


Oops... wasn't the answer I was looking for, but... I guess it'll have to do! :)

Later on Eli answers the same questions.

"Eli what does a Mommy do?"


"What does a Daddy do?"

"Go to work..Then....Snore...All da time!"

"What do Mommy AND Daddy do?"

"Kiss each nother...then kiss each nothers AGAIN!"

Wow...Maybe we need to kiss a little less often.....NAH!