Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toddler Talk - Telemarker Problem Solved!

Some telemarkers just don't quite get the message! We tell them that we are not interested, but they just keep calling, and calling and calling. Well not anymore.....

Phone rings.....

Serenity, who just LOVES to talk on the phone runs to answer.

Reni: "Helwo"

Lady: "Umm....is your mommy home?"

Reni: "Yep"

Lady: "Can I speak with her please?"

Reni: "NO"

Lady: "I can't speak to her?"

Reni: "No... You talk to Neni K?"

Serenity calls herself Neni but this poor lady doesn't know that. She thinks Serenity is referring to another adult.

Lady: "Okay, that will be fine."

Serenity settles down in her chair for a nice long conversation.

Reni: "Neni watch Mickey Mouse eber day. Ou like Mickey Mouse?"

Lady: "Uh huh... is there someone else I......."

Reni: "Neni has Mnnie Mouse ouseshoes. I air em ober my toes."

Lady: "That's nice honey... can I speak to....."

Reni: "There's a bunny on our porch. Bunny's eat carrots. Neni feeds bunny carrots."

Lady: very quickly "Is your daddy at home?"

Reni: "Daddy at work... He snores in the bed...like this (makes snorting noises with her nose)

Lady: "Is there anyone else there that I can talk to?"

Reni: "Yes"

Lady: "Ok honey could you put them on the phone please?'

Reni: "K....Ligah....phone!"

Eli: "Helwo?"

Lady: Big Frustrated Sigh then CLICK!

Eli: Looks at me with a big pouty lip "ER Hunged up on me! That's rude!"

I have a feeling that our telemarker problem is solved for awhile! What do you think?


Margaret said...

only our serenity...

Kelli said...

Ahahahahaaaa! PRICELESS!

Nah-Nah said...

That is so cute and funny!!

Ferrick said...

I'm still recovering from the stomach flu and your Reni is making me laugh!!! ahhhh.....you make my heart smile. Thanks for sharing.