Friday, March 13, 2009

Only our Serenity....

  • Only our Serenity would tattle on her daddy every time he bites his nails. Then when daddy teases her by saying, "You can't tell on me, I'm your Daddy!" Only our Serenity would reply with, "Uh uh, Mommy is MY Daddy!"
  • Only our Serenity would push her OLDER brother out of his chair at breakfast time...making him cry. Then when confronted..Only our Serenity would reply with, "He bugs me!"
  • Only our Serenity would follow Mommy outside to take out the trash.... completely naked! Then make pajama wearing Mommy chase her around the yard for several minutes while the neighbors watch in amusement.
  • Only our Serenity would knowingly break a rule by coloring on the walls. Then when she hears Mommy coming, only our Serenity would decide to spare Mommy the time and punish herself by sticking her nose in the closest corner.
  • Only our Serenity would get caught red handed with a near empty Krispy Kreme doughnut box and with a mouth covered in icing, only our Serenity would blurt out, "Wasn't me....Ligah do it!"
  • Only our Serenity would spend 90 percent of her time naked...Run her Mommy ragged trying to keep her dressed. Make her parents resort to duct tape just to keep her diapers on...(which by the way failed to work) Only our Serenity would make a trip to the bathroom...realize that it's occupied...Run into the her room...retrieve a Pullup....FINALLY cover her bottom....but....only to go potty...then immediately take the Pullup off and place it in the trash! Oh yes, Only OUR Serenity!!
  • Only our Serenity could stress out even the most patient person with her ornery behavior and in the same moment melt the hardest heart with her smile!
  • Only our Serenity could fill our lives with so much joy, laughter and excitement, yet at the same time have such a supernatural peace surrounding her entire life! Oh yes, Only OUR Serenity could be such a miracle blessing in so many ways!
Reni Mouse says..."Cheese!"


Margaret said...

that is so sweet...I esp liked the one about the coloring on the walls and how she just saved mommy time by punishing herself!! lol. Little Miss Personality...:)

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Your posts about Serenity just make my day! She's a hoot!