Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Blog Badge/ 64 Bottles of Milk in the Fridge

First I have big news! I'm moving on up in Blog world, with my very own badge! It was placed on my blog yesterday, but I only discovered today that there was a error in the code. So to those of you who might have picked it up before about 10:00 this morning. You will need to delete one of the / on my blog address within the code. That's it! It reads.....blogspot.com// and it should read....blogspot.com/ I have fixed the code so all should be well now!

Anyway, today I'm feeling the need for some giggles.

Yesterday while I was doing dishes, the kids were enjoying their lunch. Eli says, "Mommy!" Still washing I say, "Yes dear?" "Mommy, do I have something on my face?" "What was that?" "Do I have something on my face?" "Just a minute honey and I'll look." I finish rinsing, dry my hands and turn around to see this....

"Uh yeah, I think you got a little something there!" Immediately I start laughing! Eli responds to my laughter by saying, "What? What Mommy? Wipe it off!" I start laughing even harder, which only made it a game to messy little Eli! He would blurt out "Wipe it off Mommy! Then wait for the laughter then... "Wipe my face off Mommy!" He had the whole kitchen in an uproar!

The other day Tommy and I were reminiscing about all the funny moments during our journey with Serenity and this one was mentioned. It has since become a very common joke in our household, so I thought I would share it with you.

This story proves even the most intelligent people can have their moments.

64 Bottles of Milk in the Fridge!
My family often refer to me as the "Jersey Cow." I have been lactating for 10 straight years. I've had five babies very close together and believe in extended breastfeeding. Every time I wean one child.. I give birth to another.
My body is the perfect example of the law of supply and demand. It's working overtime trying to supply the demand of milk. So I am known for my abundant milk supply and record breaking 13 ounces in one setting score. My family's constantly teasing me about it.

While stuck in the PICU with Serenity, I had to pump my milk and store it in the nurses refrigerator. Well the night before our scheduled Life Flight trip, our nurse was making a list of all our belongings. She had to list each item with an estimated weight.I had just finished pumping a bottle and my husband was in full force teasing mode, when our nurse walked in with her list.

She asked, "Do you have any milk stored?" My husband sarcastically replied.."Ah..Yeah... only about 64 bottles!" Laugh Laugh
The nurse never even cracked a smile. She just casually stated "I'll go check the fridge."

In the morning I awaken to quite a commotion going on at the nurse's station just outside our door. This was the conversation I overheard.

Our nurse: "I've looked everywhere...But I can only find 11 bottles!"

Nurse #2: "Did you check the fridge downstairs!"

Our nurse: "Yes! Everywhere!

Nurse #2: "Maybe they're mislabeled."
Our Nurse: "No I checked with all the other Moms. All the other bottles are accounted for. They've just disappeared! Plus....I'm not sure if we even have enough coolers to store that much milk."

Nurse #2: "Yeah I see the problem...You're just going to have to tell them they can't take them all along."

Our Nurse: "I know, but I just hate wasting it...that stuff is liquid gold."
There is a slight pause then..."It doesn't really matter anyway because I called the Flight team to give them an estimated weight."

Nurse # 2: "Oh really what did they say?"

Our Nurse: "He just said, (switches tone to imitate a man's voice) 'Um...Mam I don't think we have room for 64 bottles of breast milk.'
I think it's because they can't carry that much extra weight."

Nurse # 2: "How much would 64 bottles of breast milk weigh?"

Our Nurse: "I'm not sure... I'm estimating about 5 to 10 pounds. Plus a couple of pounds for every cooler."

I could hardly contain myself while trying to hold the laughter in! At one point I nearly fell out of my hospital cot.

Now the thing that really makes this story funny isn't so much the fact that she spent hours looking for this non-existent breast milk, nor the fact that she went out of her way to involve all the other mothers on the floor. It isn't even the fact that she spent time trying to calculate an approximate weight and then called the flight team to prepare them for such a load. No....The part that really makes this story HILARIOUS is.....we arrived at the hospital about a day and a half before this conversation took place.
64 bottles of milk in less than 48 hours?
Now I may be good, but......I'm not THAT good! :)


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

I love your button...I added it to my sidebar!

And yay for extended breastfeeding! That's my plan when I have children; it's definitely the way to go.