Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mother, Daughter and a Spiritual Bond

I am so grateful for the compassion God places within my heart. Sometimes His compassion just completely overwhelms me, but the more I feel for others....the closer I feel to God. I feel compassion for complete strangers. I feel compassion for people that I literally know nothing about. This kind of compassion can only come from God. When I experience compassion of this magnitude, it always reminds me just how close God really is!

A few weeks ago Kayleigh and I were watching one of our favorite shows, Little People Big World, It was the episode where Matt travels to, I believe, Iraq. He visits with another little person family, who have children struggling with some very difficult disabilities.

Immediately, my heart just broke for this family and I began to cry. I was trembling all over just weeping for these precious children, when Kayleigh looked up at me and said, "Mom I know what you're thinking."

I wiped the tears from my eyes as I asked, "Oh you do? What is that exactly?"

"You're thinking...you wish you could just go lay hands on those kids and God would heal em', huh?"

I smiled in awe at how well my daughter actually knew me. "Yes, Kayleigh! That is exactly what I was thinking."

At that moment God's presence just engulfed me. I dropped to my knees, stretched my hand toward the TV screen and began to earnestly pray for this family. After a few moments, I opened my eyes to see my eight year old Kayleigh knelt beside me. She too had her hand stretched toward the TV, praying for God's healing touch.

When she finally looked up at me, she had tears just streaming down her little face. At that moment, I thought, this is what life is all about!!

I may never know if our prayers led to this family's healing. I may never see them again. But I do know that it brought forth healing in a way that I am forever grateful. It brought a refreshing to my spirit, a bond with my daughter, and a healing touch to both our hearts.

The compassion that God gives us...isn't only out of this world, larger than life, or completely overwhelming....It's contagious as well!!