Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"I Click it Mommy!"

For about a week, I kept finding Eli on the computer playing games on the Disney website. Since he's only three years old, I assumed the older kids were forgetting to log off the computer. I falsely accused them for several days. Each time they would blatantly deny and each time I would regretfully not believe them.

Until one day I found Eli playing while the other kids were at school. Hmm...I KNOW I shut that computer down! After taking a closer look, I realized he wasn't just playing, but he was WINNING!

"Elijah, how did you get on that website?"

"I click it Mommy!"

"You clicked it? But how did you type in the address to get there."

"I click it Mommy!"

Okay....So I shut down the computer and said, "Show Mommy how you click it."

With a confident touch, he moved the mouse over to the start menu, "I click this." Then he scrolled up to the Internet server..."I click this." The window popped up and he moved the cursor to the maximize icon..."I click this." Boom full screen mode. Then he placed the cursor in the browser..."I click this." He typed in a P. This made all the previous websites that started with a "p" pop up. Then he scrolled down until he found the one that said, "Pooh" (as in Winnie the pooh) "And I click this." Viola instant Disney website! "See Mommy I click it!"

I could not believe my eyes! This little boy is three years old!! I never taught him how to do this. Tommy never taught him how to do this. Sure he sat and watched the older kids a few (and I mean a very few times) but he was never instructed. I know some very intelligent older folks who can't even figure out the start menu. Yet here is 3 year old Elijah, a confident computer wiz.

I am reminded of a couple of things. One the story of Esther and how God divinely placed her for "such a time as this."(Esther 4:14) I am also reminded of how God created our inner most being, knitting us together while in our mother's womb (Psalm 139:13). God carefully weaves our personality traits. Before we are ever born He instills every trait we will ever need to fulfill His purpose or calling. He knows the traits that will be needed by every future generation. He knows every trial, we will ever face. He knows ever tool we will need to overcome them. Serenity was born with a God given fight or spunk. God knew she would need to be a fighter! Just as He also knows this generation will need computer skills!

I believe that every generation is created for "such a time as this." Moses and Noah were created with the skills they would need for their time. My grandparents had the skills they needed for their generation. Eli was created for the computer age. The next generation will be created for their time, whatever that may be! How awesome is that concept to think about. How great is our God! How much Love does our Heavenly Father have for us! Just as a loving mother would make sure her children were prepared for a rainy day by supplying them with an umbrella and raincoat. God takes the time to supply us with the tools we each will need for "such a time as this." (Whatever time that may be!) We serve a Big and Mighty Omnipotent God! Doesn't that just make you want to Praise HIM?


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

What a clever little computer whiz! He's going to do big things with that skill I'm betting!

Did you change your layout? If so, I like it!

Anonymous said...

Yes... God has put us here "for such a time as this".

And God supplies all our needs..

Thank you for this testimony today... oh...
and I have put my blog award "up".

Thank you... I'm off to tag two others...

Anonymous said...

I don't know why God is having me ask you this...
but do you dream of future events about your
family, lives, and things to come in world events?

I am looking for someone to share my dreams
with about some events. For Acts 2 says that
in the last days men and women will prophesy.


Ferrick said...

And a click is how I met you. :) What a little gem Eli is.