Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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My Highs:

Serenity has picked up this new habit. About three or four times a day she will look up at me and say.."Mom er my ESTEST friend!" She just melts her Mommy's heart.

Gracee learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Well actually... she rode her bike so hard that they fell off and she didn't even notice until an hour later! We are so proud!

The toddlers never cease to make me laugh. From their debates on whether or not only girls wear panties with pretty princesses and boys are strictly "duperhero" wonder wearers (this debate seems to never end) to Eli's "Steve Urkel" impression. Oh yes folks...It's hilarious! I need to get it on video. He points his finger says..."Did I do that?" in a high pitched nerdy voice then laughs and snorts three times. Recently he has also added hiking his pants up to reveal his socks.

Big Praise Report:
Last week I mentioned Tommy's place of employment has been talking about cutting his time back to only 30 hours. He normally works 10 or more hours of overtime, so this would cause a major dent in our finances. Well, I have been praying and praise God they still have him working full time.

We recently had our taxes prepared! We love the wonderful man who prepares our taxes. He is a God send! He's done it most of his life and is retired now. However, he loves it so much He still works for a few local people. He really knows his stuff and never misses a deduction. Just as every year, we were very happy with the refund heading our way. Wait! It only gets better....When the government direct deposited our refund this week....They gave us $408 more than we were expecting. Not sure how that works...with the economy the way it is now.... If there was a mistake we'll make it right, but until then....

I'm not complaining....I'm just saying....PRAISE THE LORD!

My Lows:
Since our journey with Serenity, God has given me such a compassion for families dealing with similar circumstances. This compassion at times can overwhelm me. This week I have been focusing on many serious prayer requests. Usually, when I pray I am able to receive assurance and peace very quickly. A peace will just engulf me and I will know without a shadow of a doubt that God is moving in that situation! Once that burden is lifted, then I will then be able to just be still and watch God perform HIS miracle. Well...there are a few situations that I haven't been able to receive His peace in. The burden becomes so heavy that I just completely buckle. I can't sleep at night...I can't accomplish anything during the day.. All I can do is cry out to God..until I receive His peace! This week, I'm struggling for God's assurance and not understanding. However, I know God is faithful. I will continue to persevere until a breakthrough is made!

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fmattso said...

My daughter who is 12 thought for the longest time that Family Matters just came out. She watches it every day! She does a pretty funny Steve Urkel too. Until recently when we showed her how old it really was she thought it was new. She watches M.A.S.H every day after school too! She loves all of the old "new" stuff!