Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Serenity's Story Part 5- An Answered Prayer

Three days after we arrived, we were life flighted to another facility. Upon arriving, they performed another echo. This time the cardiologist stated in his opinion that the Mitral valve wasn't the problem but rather the coarctation was the culprit. He expressed his views but after reading all the data, the other doctors and surgeon disagreed. After much heavy debate, they went ahead and scheduled Serenity for surgery on the coarctation.

On the day that her surgery was scheduled, My husband and I arrived to her room very early in hopes of spending some time with her before the procedure. However, our plans soon changed. We arrived to a room full of chaos. People in scrubs were everywhere quickly unhooking all of her machines, preparing her to leave. The moment suddenly began to overwhelm me as I realized that our daughter was about to embark on a very dangerous procedure.

I began to panic, asking the nurse question after question. How long will it take? Will she have to have blood? When will we be able to see her again? The nurse very calmly answered each and every one of my questions while we watched the staff begin to wheel her out of the room. Something just wasn’t right about this moment. I definitely did not have a peace about this surgery. That's when I closed my eyes and began to pray.

"Lord, I can't handle this now.... I'm just not ready....If this be your will then give me the strength to endure it, but if it is not your will, then remove this cup from me."

At that very moment, the nurses phone rang. A few seconds later he returned to say that the surgeon had canceled surgery for that day. There was too much controversy about what procedure needed to be done, so they were just going to wait. Whew! A sudden relief fell over me. I could not wipe the smile off my face as the guys in scrubs wheeled our daughter back into her room and began hooking her up again.

Over the next few days, we just waited for a decision. We continued to sit and watch Serenity motionless, speaking healing scriptures over her day and night. Then occasionally, I would tickle her foot just to make sure she was alright and Reni would jerk it back for me.

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Added Information:

It is so easy for us to say, "I trust you Lord." However, when the chips are down and things don't go the way we expect, are we content? If I hadn't felt an uneasy feeling about this surgery, would I have been able to cheerfully trust God? i'm not sure! Fortunately God placed an urgency to pray within my spirit and fortunately I had been diligently seeking Him the previous days... so I was close enough to Him to feel it.

I know a woman whose husband was scheduled for a surgery. She kept praying, "Lord your will be done in this situation. Let your will be done." However, the surgery was postponed several times and each time, she would get mad and stressed out. She was constantly complaining and grumbling, "God why are you putting me through this...It's so much stress...we have to make arrangements for our pets all those miles..... waste money on food and gas....only to do it all over again.....Can't we just get it over with..." Well just like the Isralites when they didn't trust God to bring them into the promiseland.....Finally God let her have what she wanted. Her husband went through the surgery and has since had major health problems because of it.

We don't have to understand God's reasoning, or even know it for that matter. We just need to ask for His will to be done...then trust Him to do just that.....even if it's not what we expect... We pray for Him to open doors no man can close and close doors no man can open. Then we walk through the doors He opens and are content with the ones he closes.

At the time, I knew I didn't have a peace concerning this particular procedure, but I didn't understand why. Now looking down from the mountaintop I can see the entire picture and God's reasoning is crystal clear