Monday, February 9, 2009

Serenity's Story Part 3 - Our Journey Begins

We immediately were sent to the PICU of a more equipped hospital. Once we arrived a pediatric cardiologist performed another echo herself. The results were devastating.

Like her mother, Serenity had a coarctation, which is a narrowing in the aortic arch and also a bicuspid aortic valve, basically that means that the opening to our valve has only two flaps instead of the normal three.

My worst fear had come true but that wasn't all. Serenity also had another problem that I did not have. She had a deformed Mitral valve. This was the kicker, because any surgeon knows that this is one of the most difficult valves to repair on an infant. It's hard to get to and because babies grow so fast, it has to be done again and again in the future.

When explaining these problems, the cardiologist gave us very little hope for Serenity's recovery. She said "You had better just hope that it's not the Mitral valve." Then stated that Serenity's Pulmonary hypertension was off the charts high and when asked what happened to babies with numbers that high if not corrected, she looked me in the eye and sympathically stated, "They don't live very long, a couple of months at the most"

I felt like those words had knocked the very life out of me. The good news, (if you can call it that) was that all these conditions could be medically fixed. Even the Mitral valve could be repaired. It was difficult and dangerous, but it could be done.

Once the doctor had finished her diagnosis, my mother who had rushed to the hospital as soon as she heard, began her pep talk. She reminded me where our hope is. Nothing is impossible or even difficult with God. Jesus took His stripes for this very reason, to bring healing to my daughter.

The doctors began to stabilize our Serenity. That night they intubated her. She no longer had to breathe on her own, but she now had a machine to do it for her. Because of the pain and discomfort this causes, they placed her on a continual drip of pain medication and sedative. They placed two IV's , one for meds and one for drawing blood on a regular basis. They also put in a feeding tube and placed her on medications to lower her blood pressure and heart rate and a med to help with the function of her heart.

By the time they were finished I could hardly recognize my baby. The first time I saw her, I cried both tears of sorrow and tears of relief.... Relief, because she no longer had to labor for breath. She wasn't struggling just to survive. She was sleeping more peaceful than I had ever seen her before and that somehow brought me relief.

Once we were settled in, I pulled my chair up next to her crib and began reading healing scriptures over her. I would speak directly to her body saying...

"Body, I speak the word of faith to you. I demand that every internal organ perform a perfect work, for you are the temple of the Holy Ghost; therefore I charge you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority of His Holy Word to be healed and made whole. Father, we resist the enemy in every form that he comes against Serenity. We require her body to be strong and healthy and we enforce it with your Word. We reject the curse and enforce life into her body. Thank you Father that Serenity has a strong heart. Her heart beats with the rhythm of life. Her blood flows to every cell of her body, restoring life and health abundantly. Serenity shall not die but Live and declare the works of the Lord. Serenity shall NOT die but LIVE and declare the works of the Lord. In the Holy name of Jesus we pray. Thank you Father for healing our daughter"

( scriptural references: Proverbs 12:14-18, 14:30, Psalm 118:17, James 4:7)

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Added information:
Every time that I went before the Lord in prayer for our daughter, I made sure to go before His throne with a pure heart. I wanted nothing to hinder me from reaching His throne. So each time I would pray, "Forgive me Lord if I have unknowningly sinned or stepped out of your will on this day. I pray that I might be forgiven, so that I come before you with a pure heart."

Then I would begin to give him praises (no matter what the circumstances were - We ALWAYS brought an offering of praise) The Word says that God inhabits the praises of His people. Where His Spirit is welcomed sickness and the things of this world can not be. For He is light, where there is light...there is no darkness.

We always spoke directly to her body. We always incorporated her name into each scripture. This made it much more personal, not for God's benefit, but for ours. The more we would hear the positive, the more we believed the positive. You receive as you believe! If you believe the negative reports of this world... you will receive the negative results.

This why it is so very important to satuarate yourself with God's Holy is the ONLY truth there is and it ALWAYS leads to victory!

FYI - Whether you are walking through a valley or standing on the mountaintop, Psalm 91 is an excellent scripture to quote on a daily basis.