Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Serenity's Story Part 12 - God's Miracle Confirmed!

In the early part of January, we received a phone call from the hospital stating that our insurance had denied our claim to be placed on the transplant list. When faced with a million dollar procedure this would have been very discouraging to most. But after remembering how time and time again God had directed our path, we just knew He was in control. God had taught us during our experience to never question anything, but just to trust HIM fully.

It turned out that the transplant specialist had written them a very encouraging letter. Serenity just looked too healthy to need a transplant and he had to explain why a baby with this diagnosis should be placed on the B list. The insurance company was not about to put so much money up front without more proof that she needed it. So they decided we needed to come back to the hospital for another heart cath.

So we traveled back the 400 miles, just missing the worst ice storm our area had seen in years.

Now remember, during the last heart cath, we almost lost little Reni. The doctors had to perform chest compressions for about 15 minutes in order to stabilize her. We were very leery of going through another cath. So we made sure that we were prayed up. We had people all over praying for our daughter.

I can not explain just how hard it was handing my baby over to that nurse knowing where she was going. I had to dig deep inside of myself and pull strength directly from the throne of God. It took all the trust in my Savior that my heart could handle.

God did not let me down. Once again He met me at my level of faith and gave me the assurance I needed to continue. This time my peace came through a vision while I was praying.

In this vision, I saw Serenity laying on a surgical table and the doctor standing directly over her. Throughout the room there were many angels. There were two angels guarding the door, one for very nurse, one directly over Serenity's head and the doctor had two, one for each one of his hands. I can still vividly see their angelic hands cupped over his, guiding his every move.

This served as a constant reminder throughout our journey, that we were not placing our daughter into the hands of any mortal man, but rather directly into the hands of God. God never makes mistakes! We knew that our little Reni was well protected.

Needless to say, She sailed though the entire experience. All most exactly to the very minute they said they would be through, the doctors came into talk to us.

The transplant specialist said, "We have terrific news, bad news and some more good news. First of all the terrific news is…. we can't see any myopathy. I know that it was there before, but it's NOT now. I can't really explain it except someone just messed up somewhere. So that just throws the whole transplant theory right out the window."

I thought my heart was going to leap right out of my chest. Did he just say no transplant....Yes He did... He just said NO TRANSPLANT! Thank you Jesus! No one messed up anywhere quite the contrary someone did something right. God healed our daughter!!

Then the specialist proceeded to tell us, "Okay now the bad news, the more she grows the more narrow the coarctation becomes. In that aspect, she is getting worse and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. The good news is our transplant surgeon can do it on Friday."

All of this news just completely overwhelmed us. The surgeon came in to tell us why Serenity's repair would be quite a more extensive than usual. Usually when they repair a coarc. they just go in through the side and basically cut out the narrow area. That is the way they fixed mine and the way the other hospital would have fixed Serenity's before.

However, this simple procedure would not have been enough repair for Serenity. Her arch was narrow in two places, not just one, so they were going to have to go in through the front and completely reconstruct the arch using donor tissue. What better surgeon for this than a transplant surgeon? This would be a cake walk for him. Suddenly I realized God's reasoning behind stopping so many surgeries before and leading us to this particular hospital.

Added information:

How do we know this was a miracle and not just misdiagnosis? Some of you may be wondering. The answer itself amazes me. God perfectly planned every detail to ensure there was never even room for doubt. Serenity's health was rapidly declining. With my God given assurance came sudden, medically unexplained improvement. The more she grew, the worse the heart defect became, yet she improved. Something changed! Something that was once there... was now no longer causing her problems. Plus several experienced doctors from three different hospitals all saw the same condition while reviewing her second heart cath. Then the same doctors reviewed the third heart cath and it was no longer there.

Why did God miraculously heal her of the myopathy and not the Coarc.? This was a question that I had myself. Then one day while seeking God...the answer hit me like a ton of bricks. I believe there were two reasons. One as mentioned before... It serves as proof for His miracle healing of the
myopathy. Two, He was teaching us to trust Him in ALL aspects of His healing power. It came easy for me to trust God with my daughter. However, I a hard time trusting God while my daughter rested in Mortal hands. I had a fear of human error. After receiving God's vision and going through her surgeries, I no longer have that fear. I don't just say the words any more.... Now I KNOW.... God is ALWAYS in control! I do not place trust in any mortal man... for my trust belongs with the one who is incapable of making mistakes!