Monday, February 23, 2009

Serenity's Story Part 11 - Heart Transplant Evaluation

Heart transplant? Who has time for that when there's stuffed zebras lurking around?

A few days after we arrived home we were scheduled for a heart transplant evaluation. We had to travel another approximate 400 miles. Now this wasn't as easy as it may seem, because even though Serenity was home, she was on a very strict medication schedule.

4 am -Propranolol,
6am -Captopril,
10 am -Digoxin, zantac, and lasix,
12pm- Propranolol ,
2pm -Captopril
8pm -Propranolol
10pm -Digoxin, zantac, captopril and 1/4 of an aspirin

We had to stop several times to give her medications. This all became a little overwhelming after while. I was able to get very little sleep. Having to wait until after 10 and waking up before 4 was hard enough, but it was hard for me to sleep in between those times as well. I was concerned I might oversleep. Then because I was so very tired all the time, I was afraid I might inadvertently give the wrong medicine at the wrong time and overdose her or miss a dose of a vital medication.
Some of these were very important medications and the function of her heart depended on them. She was on this schedule for approximately 2 1/2 months. It was a lot of stress and made traveling very interesting. Nevertheless, we made it there.

When we arrived at our hotel, once again we were bombarded with the number 7. The first thing we noticed was our room number, 322 (3+2+2=7, also Serenity's time of birth) Then when I picked up the phone to call and check on the kids, I noticed the last four digits of the hotel's phone number was 7777. Now I am not one to believe in numerology. However, I do see the significance in the number 7 throughout the bible. There are many examples of the number seven meaning completion (God created seven days, Jesus shed his blood seven times, etc.) I believe this was God's way of reminding us throughout our experience that He was in control. He was about to make our lives and our miracle journey perfectly complete.

I turned to look at my husband and said, "This is where our journey will end. God is going to complete our miracle from this hospital."

We spent an entire day going from one test to another. She had x-rays, an echo cardiogram, blood work, we even saw a physiologist to prepare us for what a transplant would bring. We saw the transplant specialist, two different transplant surgeons and two neurologists.

All of them were very impressed with our daughter's health. The neurologists were in awe at the fact that she had no neural damage. "Considering what she has been through, This is very rare." they said.

The transplant specialist was even more amazed. Serenity's records had been sent ahead, so he had already reviewed everything. He said, "Looking at the records they sent and looking at her now. I can't believe I am seeing the same baby."

He then proceeded to tell us a story of a baby whose (by his own words) condition wasn't even half as severe as Serenity's, yet this baby was unable to leave the hospital or vent until AFTER transplant. "Serenity is just unique!" He said many times.

After much deliberation he decided that Serenity was much to healthy to be place on the "A" transplant list. They wanted her to keep her heart as long as possible. However, because of the condition that she had, they thought it eventually would be inevitable to face transplant. So they decided to place her on the "B" list. It is very rare that a child of any age be placed on this list. That is how well she was doing.

We were very pleased with the results of our evaluation. Not only had our Savior given us time with our family, but for HIS birthday he also provided us with another huge praise report.

Even though we were home. We never ceased from reading the healing scriptures over Reni. Every morning when we awoke and every night before bed, we would claim God's promises for our daughter. God continued to remain faithful.

Added information:
I praise God for my unique baby. I praise God that although we dwell in this world we are not of this world. Through the blood of Jesus we have overcome the world and all the destruction therein. We are children of the Most High King! We no longer are governed by this world but now we can choose to belong to the Kingdom of God! Yes I praise God that when compared to the normalcy of this world...We are always "unique!"
"I pray not that thou should take them out of the world, but that thou should keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world."
John 15:16
"For whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcomes the world, but he that believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God." 1 John 5:4-5


Hilary said...

What God has done with Serenity is absolutely amazing! I am really enjoying reading your journey. You are so right, "never underestimate the power of God!"
Amen :)

Also, thank you so much for the birthday wishes for Isaac! Your little ones are so precious to sing him Happy Birthday :) And soo funny about how they thought he was "sick" b/c of his name! You're a good, patient mommy to explain to them that he is definitely healthy!

Hope you are all doing well!