Friday, February 20, 2009

Serenity's Story Part 10 - Another Step and Good Things Continue

With the removal of the vent also came the removal of her sedative and pain medication. Serenity had been on a medication called Fentanyl for about a month. This is a pain medication that we were told is such stronger than morphine. Without proper weaning the withdrawals can be horrible.

We discovered this the hard way. The first day of her withdrawals, I sat by her bed for 14 hours straight without even a bathroom break. Up until this time, Serenity had slept most of the time. So even though it was hard to be in the PICU and not home, we hadn't actually had to spend much time watching her suffer. This by far was the hardest time for us as parents.

She would cry constantly with little to no sound because her throat was very sore from the vent. Nothing we would do could soothe her. She would have cold sweats and what they call "addict jitters." She would just shake all the time and throw up everything we tried to give her.

If you have ever been, known, or seen an addict on television, this is what our baby who was only a few weeks old looked like. The doctors began to give her small doses of morphine and adavan to help with the symptoms. Serenity would stop shaking almost immediately after receiving her "fix".

I stood by her side, praying and reading scriptures until she was through the worst part. It took a few days but God brought us through that valley as well.

Good Things Continue

The day they told us we were moving to a regular room, We were ecstatic. It was almost surreal. The entire PICU staff was very sad to see us going but were happy that Reni was well enough to leave. The doctors were pleasantly surprised that the oral meds were working so well. We knew that the medications had a HUGE help.

After spending Thanksgiving away from home, I had made up my mind that we would be home for Christmas. We were missing our other children tremendously and I knew that God wanted our family back together as well. When we first mentioned this to the doctors, they were less than optimistic, (to put it nicely) they actually laughed like, yeah right. Once they realized I was serious then they became concerned I might be in denial. However, the closer we came to Christmas the more realistic our request became.

On December 14th we were transfered by ambulance back to the second hospital, this time to a regular room. Then on December 16 we were released to go home. Yes, that's right HOME!

Walking out of the hospital with our baby in our arms was like a dream. I was in complete awe that the entire experience. The sky was bluer, the sun was brighter. The world was beautiful. I just kept saying, "We're really going home. We're taking our baby home. Tom, we're REALLY taking our baby home."

Both of us could not stop smiling. Then when we finally arrived home with all of our children together again at last, things only got better. My brother surprised us by decorating our home for Christmas. His family put up outside lights and inside decorations complete with tree.

My favorite time of the year is Christmas. I always love going all out for it. I was feeling a little depressed about not having time to do all of that. So this meant an unbelievable amount to me. Not only we're we blessed with decorations, but Tom's place of employment had all chipped in and bought our entire family everything on their Christmas lists.

Of course the greatest gift was having our entire family together and home. We had the best Christmas ever that year.

Added Information:

Never underestimate the power of God! That's all I have to say....Never underestimate the power of God!