Saturday, February 7, 2009

Serenity's Story Part 1- Our Mistakes, God's Tool

Serenity Rose was born November 7 at 3:22 pm. (3+2+2=7) She weighed 7lb 7oz. She was conceived during the seventh year of our marriage. She was the seventh member of our family and the seventh grand daughter for my parents.

Now anyone who has ever studied the biblical meaning of the number seven knows that it stands for completion. We thought that are family was complete before, so much in fact that we made the decision not to have any more children. We already had two boys and two girls and were very satisfied with our family.

So my husband had a vasectomy eight months before we conceived. However, God had other plans. He knew that our family needed Serenity. He knew that without her, our family could never be complete!

Once we found out that we were expecting, The doctors needed confirmation. They tested my husband twice, both times proved that the procedure was a definite failure. However, when they went in to fix the problem, they couldn't understand WHY it had failed. God definitely had a hand in the matter. Unfortunately, he had to repeat the entire experience. (Good news is the second time was free)

You see, even her birth is proof that God is ALWAYS in control. She was destined to be, despite our attempt to interfere. It was obvious before she was ever even born that God had a mighty purpose for her.

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Added Information:
This part of our story is the only part that we have ever had any negative feedback about. It seems there were a few and I mean a very few that could not get past the fact that my husband had a vasectomy. They said, this paragraph made them cry. Meanwhile, I'm thinking. okay out of our entire story, this part is the part that made you cry. It was really difficult for me to understand that particular concept. Not to mention the fact that they completely missed my entire point....God is always in control.

It's very easy for us to fall into the lie of the enemy that we deserve to suffer. People lose out on the promised blessings of God ALL the time because they believe they don't deserve them because of the choices they've made. Yes, it is true that we can bring suffering upon ourselves by the wrong choices. However at the same time we must know that NO ONE deserves God's blessings. This is the reason Jesus came to deliver us from our destructions.

We all have fallen short of the glory of God. We all make the wrong choices, but through God's mercy and the blood of Jesus, there is always hope. Even in our mistakes, God is still in control. Some mistakes are made out of rebellion and some our made out of ignorance. Either way, we can be forgiven and God will turn them around for our good and His Glory.

I take our testimony very seriously and everyone's perspective of it is very important to me. I do not want to offend anyone or take away from the miracle that God has blessed us with. For this is the very sole purpose of this site, to give Glory to the maker of heaven and earth. I want God's miracle to be able to bless everyone's heart and strenghthen their faith in a God that Heals.

I will explain our reasoning behind our decison so that hopefully All will be able to look past our decision and see the entire picture. Truth is we were pressured by many sources because of medical issues concerning me, to have the first surgery. We were told that women with this certain heart condition very often die during child birth. I stood firm believing and trusting God with every child born and He always came through!

Yet with very child the risk only increased, and with every pregnancy the pressure grew stronger. Although God was proving Himself as a mighty God by giving me normal healthy labor and deliveries, those closest to me still grew very concerned with my well being. So when they tossed "you need to stay strong to care for your other children, and what would happen to them if something happened to you?" on the table I began to cave.

Now you have to understand that my faith was not as strong before our miracle journey as it is now. We had our doubts but after much counciling on the matter, decided that we needed to make a decision. To make it clear, we had tried abstaining on certain dates and other natural methods. (I have not taken the pill, but that's another story) Those methods are actually how we ended up with child # 2, 3 and 4. Finally when faced with medical procedures, my husband stepped up to save me from another hardship.

The night after his procedure, I cried. I cried ALL night because I realized that in my heart I still had a huge desire for another child. I wasn't ready for that part of my life to be over, simply because it was not within God's plan for that part of my life to be over.

The ironic part is when I found out that I was expecting Serenity, I cried as well, because of the constant stress of caring for so many children under the age of 8. Not to mention the fact that I had only given birth three misely months before. It was a definite emotional rollercoaster, that I guess you would have to be in our shoes to fully understand. But regardless, he had the first surgery and it failed. The doctors needed to know why the procedure hadn't worked because of other medical issues that could arise later. So it was repeated and corrected.

I also believe now looking back in hindsight that my husband needed to have it done a second time to prove to the skepticals that yes in deed it was a failed procedure and Serenity's birth in itself is a miracle of God. I am sure that there are people who have never met me nor know my character that might have a hard time just taking my word for it. You see, now there could never be any doubt that Serenity is a miracle. Our entire journey is competely back by medical fact. We both joke about the second time being free as a way of making light of the fact that he had to go through the surgery twice. I guess it a way, it's our way of coping through it.

The point that I so vividly want to make is, That God IS ALWAYS in control. He will take even our biggest mistakes and turn them around for HIS Glory.

The fact that my husband had a vasectomy doesn't make our story a sad one, it only makes Serenity's miracle more amazing!

Right or wrong, I would never go back and change the decision we made because it has since become a vital part of our testimony. Proof that God is and will always be God! He sees our hearts and our mistakes and takes them to turn around for our good, His purpose and His Glory!

Today I am at peace with our complete family. After Serenity's birth, God removed the desire for more children. However, if that desire should return, it would be because of His plan and I have no doubt whatsoever that God would bless our family once again.

You do however, have to enjoy the irony: The only thing Tommy's first little procedure accomplished was to ensure we ended up pregnant a whole lot faster! :)

I pray every day that I don't just say that I trust God. but that I do in fact trust Him with every fiber of my being. For this purpose I strive daily, to trust, obey and bring HIM Glory! For He is worthy to be praised!

Know that who ever you are or what mistakes you have made.... God wants to bless you. Seek Him and Receive your inheritance as a child of the KING.


Rebecca Louise. said...

I am not a believer in Christianity and your faith. However, I completely understand and believe your reasons were for the common good. You have an amazing story and a beautiful daughter as result. Many congratulations is what I say =] xxx.