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Serenity Story Part 9 - Excerising God's Assurance

Over the next few days, our assurance was tested. We would talk with the Cardiologist that performed the second heart cath. Every conversation we had was very negative on his part. Not because he was a negative person, but just because he had to lay out the facts, according to the medical side of things.

He explained to us that a heart transplant wasn't as simple as just taking out an old heart and putting in a new one. There were many, many side effects, such as possible rejection to the organ. According to him our daughter would never live another day without taking medication. There were risks of lung damage, liver damage, kidney damage even neural damage.

Through this all, I felt as if God had risen me above the situation. Nothing this doctor said even phased me. I didn't know how God would do it, I just knew that He would.

I wasn't going to tell God how to do His job. If God miraculously healed her... than wonderful. If it meant that our daughter had a heart transplant... than so be it. Either way I knew that she was going to be okay! I knew that she would live a normal, healthy life. God was going to perform a miracle and be glorified in a BIG way. We were just going to walk through the doors that God opened and be content with the ones He closed.

After he finished, the worse possible scenario speech, my husband politely stated. "Well, o-kay then, we won't be needing one of those, but thanks anyway." I laughed then added, "What he means is…. we will go where God takes us, but our daughter is going to be alright." Sounded annoyed the doctor replied. "I don't think you understand. This condition does not just go away. It only progresses. You need to be prepared to face these things."

I knew he was geniuly concerned with our well being. I smiled and very politely stated. "I don't think you understand just how BIG our God IS."

The doctor just shrugged his shoulders as if saying, well I tried.

From that moment on Serenity began to significantly improve. They began to switch her medications from intravenous to oral, preparing her for transfer to a hospital that specializes in transplants. They also decided to try extubating her again... But not without making sure we knew that success was very unlikely. One nurse said "I have never heard of a baby with Reni's condition that was able to be taken off the ventilator before transplant and since she has already failed once....well....(she glanced toward the ground) the odds are very stacked against her."

On December 1, 2006, they removed the tube again. This time God and Serenity left all those doctors and nurses scratching their heads.

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Be confident in knowing that with God's assurance, also will come an attack of the enemy. He will hit you with facts and circumstances, anything he can to steal what God has given. He will use anything and anyone...even those closest to you. He wants nothing more than to discourage you. However, if you are standing on God's promises and fully trusting Him... all he can do is try. God is Always in control.

Although we knew the facts were plain and simple, we could not allow ourselves to keep our eyes on those facts. We weren't denying the medical predictions...we were simply deciding to believe God's Word instead. Just as the
Casting Crowns song states, "Out of all the voices calling out to me...I will choice to listen and believe the Voice of Truth." The voice of Truth didn't just HE SHOUTED that my daughter was healed!

We were respectful, but we were firm. I know this particular doctor must have thought I was completely off my rocker. The entire time he was laying out his grim predictions, I could not wipe the smile off my face. I sat there through the entire speech with a confident grin. I'm sure he was thinking...she's completely lost it, call in the medic team this woman needs special attention. I had so much respect for him and his professional opinion....I just had more respect for God's. I wish I would have explained my confidence in more detail with him, although I'm not sure he would've believed me even if I had.

After God's overwhelming assurance, no one was going to convince me my daughter was not going to live a long healthy life. It was like someone trying to convince me that I have a completely different color of eyes. It was something that I knew with all my heart. I know my eyes are deep dark brown. I know my name and I knew my daughter was healed. Plain and Simply stated, everything contrary to what I knew, were only spoken words.

God lifted me to a place where the negative could not reach. He met me at my level of faith and boosted me to a higher place. He continues to hold me there still today!