Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Night With Mom!

Yep, my baby is officially ten years old. As a tradion, I always get the priviledge of some much needed one on one time with the birthday child. So Noah and I spent the night alone at dinner and a movie. He really didn't appreciate my humor when I joked that he'll always remember his first date as a night with his.....MOM. Umm, yeah he didn't apprectiate that comment AT ALL! Of course, I didn't help matters by constantly doing this,

"OH, Mom! NOT HERE! People will think I'm a Mama's Boy!"
"But Son, you ARE and will ALWAYS BE your Mama's Boy!"
"But STILL Mom! Really, People are looking!"
Even though he was just a little embarrassed by his Mommy's lovin', it was truly a night for us both to cherish! And if anyone gives him any slack about it, they'll have to answer to me!
I can see you're REALLY shakin' in your boots! :)