Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday!

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Funny Conversations:

Kayleigh and Gracee had just finished a big glass of milk and decided some juice sounded tasty.

Kayleigh: "Grace you want me to wash your cup out too?"

Gracee: "Yes please"

Kayleigh begins rinsing both of their cups and then reaches for the dish soap

Kayleigh: "Grace you want me to use soap on yours?"

Gracee: very quickly and loudly "NO! NO! The last time you used the soap.... mine tasted really funny!"

Kayleigh: "Mom always uses the soap!"

Gracee: "But.... Mom's juice still tastes good."

Kayleigh: "Yeah, and for some reason Mom's juice never has any bubbles in it either."

Serenity and Eli are having a nice conversation about Dora the Explorer

Eli: "Dora does too know me!"

Reni: "Na uh!"

Eli: "Her do so... she even said my name on TV... last night."

Reni: "No her do not."

Eli: "Neni, yes her did... her say I had ate a farm at McDonald's!"

Reni: "NO er don't ate a farm at McDonalds!"

Eli: "Yes I do... Dora say, McDonald's ate a farm ELI...ELI.... O! So see Neni her does know me!"

Having a nice friendly breakfast in our home isn't as easy as it may seem. A few days ago I overheard this conversation:

Reni: "Ligah, You put bubber on er toast?"

Eli: "Yep!"

Reni: "Why?"

Eli: "Cause it tastes good.... and then I eat it!"

Reni: "Oh! I eat toast too!"

Eli: "Neni you want some butter on er toast?"

Reni: "Yeah"

Eli: "K... come here closer..."

Suddenly I hear Reni scream

Reni: "NO!! MOMMY!"

Mommy: "What's wrong Reni?"

Reni: "Ligah's gonna eats me!"

Mommy: "What?"

Reni: "Ligah bubbered my head.... now I taste good."

This is what I found:

"Hmm.... I wonder if I would taste even better with some jam?"