Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday - Funny Pix

Laughter LivesThis post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.

This weeks theme is funny pix:

Well of course, I just have to start out with Serenity and Eli's "Potty" hats!

Elijah's funny attempt to impersonate his sister's favorite star...Hannah Montana!

He's so pretty here...It's scary!

Evidently we it comes to sibling rivalry, hitting, kicking and biting aren't enough anymore. Here Serenity demonstrates a new way to torture her brother. Eli comes running to me screaming. "Help me Mommy.... Neni make me stuck again!"

This is Reni's first attempt at dressing herself. I think we might need to hold off on that milestone for awhile....don't you?

Maybe she has a problem dressing herself because she would just rather run around completely naked. Keeping clothes on the little streaker is a task that we are constantly failing! Buttons, zippers, layers of all kinds of clothing, nothing worked until......

My stereo typed man of a husband found yet another good use for electrical and/or duct tape!


kelliebean said...

That is something my Hubs would do - wait, I think he did do it! Hilarious!