Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Time for Toddler Talk!

Conversations with Reni and Eli:

Reni: "Ligah!"

Elijah: "What?"

Reni: "I bite you, k?"

Elijah: "What?"

Reni: "I bite you...right there (points to his arm) K?"

Elijah: "Okay!"

Serenity bends down and bites Eli in the exact spot she pointed.

Eli begins to cry: "Mom! Neni bite me."

Mom: "Serenity NO! You don't bite!!!!"

Reni shruggs her shoulders: "Ligah say k!"

Eli and Serenity are getting ready to take a bath. Elijah clothes get wet in the process. Serenity notices and bends down to pick up an article of his clothing. She holds it at arms length and gives a disgusted expression.

Serenity: "Eeewww! Ligah's panties wet!"

Eli: very defensive.. "Those no panties, Neni. I air wonder wear."

Serenity: "What?"

Eli: "Girls air panties....I a boy... Us air wonder wear!"

Serenity: "Why?"

Eli: points to the underwear, "See em' duperheroes? Girls air pretty princesses. Boys no like princesses. Boys air duperheroes!"

Serenity: "Oh!" nods her head then... "Ligah?"

Eli: "What?"

Serenity: "Er duperheros pee on er panties."

Eli: very loud and forceful "NENI those no panties...I toad you... those wonder wear and my duperheros not pee on em'! there is a slight pause.. then quietly he adds.........I do it."

Conservation with Mommy and the Toddlers:

Eli passes by and a trial of fumes lingers behind him.

In a disgusted tone Mommy asks, "Elijah did you have an accident!"

Quickly he replies with, "No Mommy!"

In disbelief Mommy asks again, "Elijah! Did.. you... potty in your pants?!"

"No Mommy!"

Carefully Mommy takes a peek inside his pullup and finds a very unpleasant surprise.

"Elijah Donavin you DID potty in your pants!"

"No Mommy, My not do it. Neni do it."

Mommy lets out a big sigh, "Reni pooped in YOUR pants."


Okay, whatever!!

A few hours later, Serenity passes by Mommy. The paint on the wall starts to peel as the stinch lingers behind her.

"Serenity did you go potty in your pullup."

Innocently she also answers with, "No Mommy, My not do it"

Again carefully Mommy peeks inside, "Oh Serenity you DID go potty in your pants!"

Then with a very sincere look, Reni replies, "No Mommy, I not do it. Ligah go poop (she points to her diaper) in there!"

Obviously he was repaying the previous favor!

Yes folks, I have some talented children. Some kids can read by the age of two, Some can count before they can walk. My toddlers have the ability to potty in each other's pants.

Or maybe..... they're just smart enough to blame it on each other!

Either way, genius...pure genius!


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Oh my goodness, this just made my day! I laughed so hard.